Now, more than ever

The Trends Research Institute has repeatedly alerted you to a series of emerging trend lines that clearly signal the pending collapse of global equity markets. When China announced it was devaluing its currency this week, the mainstream media responded with “shock” and “amazement.” But Trends Journal and subscribers were well prepared (see today’s Trends This Week column at THIS LINK). In fact, as recently as a July 27 Trends In The News broadcast, we forecast this would happen and how it would ultimately affect your bottom line. This is just one of the numerous forecasts we made for this year that are coming quickly to fruition. Our forecasts – now delivered across more platforms and with far greater immediacy – matter more than ever. We urge you to visit every day. Watch Trends In The News. Read Trends This Week and Trends Monthly. Check out the new Trends Journal, which has in-depth report on our top trends for 2015 at mid-year. We need your support to continue our work, and you need us to help you “prepare-survive-prevail.”

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