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The owner of a restaurant in the town of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, was ordered by a court to pay a $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask in public. The owner, John Giannakos, told the court he will both refuse to wear a mask in the future and not pay the fine. 
“A lot of people have been badmouthing me and my restaurant, but I don’t care,” Giannakos said. “It doesn’t matter anymore. Public health killed restaurants and bars 12 months ago.”
He told the station he is tired of politicians and bureaucrats “running our lives, telling us what’s good for our health. Is that really freedom?”
Giannakos owns the Hellas Restaurant and was reportedly found guilty of not wearing a mask in public. 
Lock Down
Nova Scotia’s Premier Iain Rankin also declared that anyone breaking his public gathering mandate would be hit with $2,000 fines, and businesses that do not enforce self-isolation guidelines face up to $7,500 fines. 
In Rankin’s 27 April speech, he declared the province will be in a “circuit-breaker.” 
Rankin said mutations of the virus were spreading through the province, so he called for the closures of nearly all indoor activities, including weddings, funeral services, and schools.
Dr. Robert Strang, the chief medical officer, told the paper the situation is more serious than any other time since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. Health officials in the country have asked residents not to travel unless it is urgent, and the entire region has been placed on a month-long lockdown.
“We are seeing the stresses on many parts of our healthcare system such as public health, the lab, and we’re beginning to see impacts on our hospitals,” he said. He said the variants that are appearing require the government to “act faster, be firmer, and have a broader reach.”
CBC News reported that three additional people were slapped with the $1,000 fines for not wearing masks in public. The report said police in the province have been benefiting from a public that appears willing to alert authorities to these violations.
“If individuals see people they believe or not following the directives given by Public Health, then we would encourage them to contact police,” Const. John MacLeod of the Halifax Regional Police told the station.
The report said 22 people were fined $1,000 for attending a large gathering. It also said a pizza shop owner was fined for not wearing a mask in public, and he, too, said he would not pay because he has a health condition.
TRENDPOST: Indeed, as Mr. Giannakos noted, the politicians and bureaucrats are “running our lives, telling us what’s good for our health. Is that really freedom?”
No, it is not Freedom. As we have continually noted, the rules being imposed on entire populations by politicians and bureaucrats lack scientific data to support them. 
For example, Nova Scotia, with a population of 971,000, have registered the grand total of 67 deaths since the COVID War was launched last year. That equals 0.0069 percent of the population who died from the virus. 
Despite this tiny fraction – 0.00049 per month over 14 months – tens of thousands of lives and livelihoods in the province have been destroyed while liberty, love, joy, and beauty have been sucked out of life.

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