Dr. Robert “Strange” Strang, the chief medical bureaucrat of health in Nova Scotia, who said Wednesday he is frustrated with those who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
“Your personal freedom has well-established ethical and legal boundaries when it creates significant risks to others in a pandemic,” he said, according to The Halifax City News. “In a pandemic, we all must do what we can to protect ourselves and one another from this virus, and those responsibilities include getting vaccinated and following public health measures.”
He said the average rate of new cases in Canada among those who have not taken the shot is seven times higher than those who are vaccinated. He said the risk of hospitalization in Canada if you are unvaccinated is 23 times higher than if you are fully inoculated. 
The Trends Journal has reported extensively on the COVID-19 outbreak and the emergence of the Delta variant. (SEE: “VARIANTS FORCE NEW RESTRICTIONS IN ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA,” “DELTA VIRUS HAMPERING GLOBAL RECOVERY, OECD SAYS,” “DELTA VARIANT= GLOBAL HYSTERIA.”
On 2 November, we published an article titled, “GET VACCINATED, SPREAD DELTA VARIANT AT HOME, STUDY SAYS,” that pointed to a recent study that showed that individuals vaccinated for COVID-19 can spread the virus inside households just as easily as unvaccinated individuals. 
“Although vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease and deaths from COVID-19, our findings suggest that vaccination is not sufficient to prevent transmission of the Delta variant in household settings with prolonged exposures,” according to the study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal. The study included 621 symptomatic participants in the U.K., The Hill reported.
TREND FORECAST: For a bureaucrat to determine the boundaries of “freedom” illustrates the severity of how Constitutional Rights are being blatantly abrogated in nation’s that are called “democracies.” For a clown of a jerk to declare “Your personal freedom” is relative to getting vaccinated and that those who are not risk the lives of others in what he calls a “pandemic” is moronic.  
Totally absent in the media reporting of Strang’s outrage is that over a period of almost two years, the grand total of 105 people out of a population of nearly a million people have died of the virus in Nova Scotia… which accounts for just 0.011 percent of the population. And over the course of 22 months that is the grand total of 0.00047727 percent per month.
Yet, despite these facts, those speaking out for freedom of choice and presenting facts and data to dispute government mandates are censored. However, we are now entering a breaking point among those admonished, fined, and fired for refusing to get the Operation Warp Speed gene therapy inoculation. The fight for freedom will persist and escalate over the coming months, particularly as the economic conditions decline.  
TRENDPOST: Trends Journal has been reporting on the fallacy of vaccine “caution flags” ever since the various COVID vaccines, which were approved for use faster than any other vaccines in history, were declared the primary weapon to win the COVID War. Indeed, building up one’s immune system and natural healing are verboten in the New ABnormal. See our December 2020 article, “COVID VACCINE: SCIENTISTS WARN ‘CAUTION’,” or our 19 January 2021 article, “COVID-19 VACCINES: TRACKING ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS.”

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