Nova Scotia’s Premier Iain Rankin announced on Thursday that he will not impose new COVID-19 restrictions in the province after protesters shut down the Trans Canada Highway in response to new restrictions announced two days earlier.
Rankin had previously planned to impose new restrictions on those traveling from New Brunswick into the province. He clarified that he decided after a conversation with his counterpart in New Brunswick and after weighing new information (see our 25 May, 2021 article “NOVA SCOTIA: MINOR # OF DEATHS MAJOR LOCKDOWN”).
He announced that residents in his province can visit New Brunswick at will and vice versa, CTV News reported. The report said the change will take a week to implement because there is a need to monitor the infection rate in New Brunswick. (see our 11 May, 2021 article “CANADA LOCKDOWN LUNACY, GESTAPO 2.0”).
The report said that visitors from outside the Atlantic Region will be forced to complete a form. Those who have been vaccinated at least 14 days before the visit will not have to self-isolate.
Cpl. Chris Marshall from the Nova Scotia RCMP, told the news outlet that the protest on the Trans Canada Highway spanned hours and three arrests were made after it “became apparent, after a number of hours… that dialogue alone wasn’t going to work.”
The report said Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, who was in the Conservative Party of Canada, was abandoned by her party after being accused of being a major player in the blockade across the highway.
She had posted a video on Facebook telling fellow politicians that she has had enough of the restrictions and if they were not revoked, she would be out there with the other protesters.
Lori Turnbull, the director of the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University, told the CBC that she agreed that the Conservative Party failed to take advantage of Rankin’s “wobbly management” in the past week.
“This could have been a positive week for the PCs, in the sense that the premier has flip-flopped a couple of times, even if you could make the argument that he had a good reason, people are frustrated,” she said. But she said the party lost control and “the story ended up being about them, which is the thing that the opposition is never supposed to do.”
TREND FORECAST: As evidenced, the more people that protest against draconian COVID War lockdown laws that have destroyed the lives and livelihoods across the globe, the faster politicians will backtrack on enforcing them. 
Yet, in America, there is mostly obedience and little outrage among the masses. However, in the U.K. protests continue as hundreds of thousands keep taking to the streets in opposition to their loss of freedom and liberty as evidenced last Saturday in this video by Jason Liosatos and Reform TV.
The demonstrations were barely mentioned in western media and when covered, they provided few facts and numbers.

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