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With consumers spending less during the shutdown and more using plastic payment cards when they do shop, coins are in short supply.
So now the penny’s enemies see another chance to end its life.
The one-cent coin costs two cents to produce, costing the U.S. Mint $70 million more in 2018 than the coins were worth.
In 2019, pennies made up 59 percent of the coins the U.S. minted.
The penny’s detractors also point out the coins make more work for retailers and banks than they are worth and that many people just toss them in jars and fail to spend them.
Australia, Britain, and Canada already have stopped making pennies.
TREND FORECAST: First coins will become extinct currencies, then paper money over the coming decades, if not sooner, as the world turns from “DIRTY CASH TO DIGITAL TRASH”… a trend we have written extensively about.

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