Walk down any city street and you’ll no doubt find most people staring into the faint glow of their iPhones, without ever considering how many allergens and other toxins they’re being exposed to while holding the device.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology held its annual meeting and researchers noted that these cellphones can become a Petri dish for allergens and other environmental toxins, including higher levels of cat and dog allergens and BDG and endotoxin, according to Study Finds. 

Cat and dog allergens were also located on the smartphones of pet owners, the study said. An allergen is any substance that can cause an allergic reaction. An endotoxin is an infectious particle that is biologically active that can disrupt humoral and cellular host mediation systems.

“BDGs are found in fungal cell walls and have been found in many environments of surfaces causing chronic airway and irritant symptoms—making BDGs a consistent marker to study problematic mold,” Hana Ruran, the lead author from Boston Children’s Hospital said.

Researchers created phone models that were similar to real phones and swabbed the model with electrostatic wipes to measure the amount of allergens.

Peter Thorne, PhD, professor in the University of Iowa Department of Public Health and co-author of the study, said the study demonstrates that “exposure to inhalant allergens and molecules that trigger innate immune reactions from a source most people haven’t considered.”

He said those with allergies or asthma, might want to think about cleaning their smartphone more often to “minimize exposure to these allergens and asthma triggers.”

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We have also reported how so-called forever chemicals found in other common household products could be detrimental for your health. (See “FOREVER CHEMICALS,’ FOREVER DEADLY” and “EPA LOWERS WHAT IT CONSIDERS TO BE SAFE LEVELS OF ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ IN DRINKING WATER.”)

The authors of the study suggest cleaning smartphones on a regular basis with:

-70 percent isopropyl alcohol

-Clorox non-bleach (0.184 percent benzyl and ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride)

-0.12 percent chlorhexidine

-0.05 percent cetylpyridinium

-3 percent benzyl benzoate

-3 percent tannic acid wipes

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