Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to begin fining straphangers $50 if they refuse to wear masks while riding on buses and trains.
While the Wall Street Journal reported the vast majority of riders are complying with the mask orders, the MTA says there are bus routes in the city where some compliance numbers were as low as 60 percent.
“This will be enforced by the MTA police and the NYPD as well,” said Sarah Feinberg, interim president of the New York City Transit Authority. “This will be enforced just like all of our rules and regulations by law enforcement.”
The consensus among state health officials is that mask-wearing combined with social distancing are effective ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some Americans have bristled at the idea of government officials enforcing these guidelines, which have not been voted on in a legislature and instead have been doled out arbitrarily.
Shams Tarek, MTA Deputy Communications Director, said in a statement, “Transit workers are heroes for keeping New York moving and safe during this crisis and we are doing everything possible to protect them, to honor them, and to help them and their families during this difficult time.”
TREND FORECAST: As Gerald Celente has forecast, a major theme of The Presidential Reality Show® in America will be the contest between the Masked and UnMasked candidates, Biden and Trump respectively.
For Trump to defeat Biden, he has to win the swing states, of which a large majority in the exurban and the rural voters in swing states, we conclude, are anti-maskers.
And, as Gerald Celente has forecast, President Trump will bash Biden for wanting to keep the nation locked down if scientists advise him to.
At Sunday’s mostly mask-less Trump rally in Nevada, the President told the cheering crowd, “We are not shutting the country again. A shutdown would destroy the lives and dreams of millions Americans.”

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