A waitress who was concerned that getting the COVID-19 vaccine may hurt her chances of getting pregnant was fired for refusing the shot. The waitress, Bonnie Jacobson, had been working at the Red Hook Tavern in Brooklyn, NY. 
Ms. Jacobson made it clear in interviews that she was not an anti-vaxxer and has supported others who want to get the shot. But she was fired despite letting her boss know of her concerns that the vaccines’ safety trials included no pregnant women.
She remarked, “The way I see it, getting the vaccine is for me. It protects me. If I am not getting it, it’s my choice.”
The CDC makes it clear on its website that for pregnant women or those seeking to get pregnant, getting vaccinated is a “personal choice.” They added, “A conversation between pregnant patients and their clinicians may help them decide whether to get vaccinated with a vaccine that has been authorized for use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).”
But the owner of the Red Hook Tavern saw it differently. After New York State included restaurant staff on its list of those eligible for the shot on 2 February, employees at the Red Hook Tavern were sent emails stating that vaccination was “mandatory” unless “your own personal health or disability prohibits you from obtaining this vaccination.”

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