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The Tribune Publishing Co. is taking a page from other corporations and assigning journalists from five newspapers to work from home, allowing the company to give up leased office space.
The five newspapers are the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD; the Carroll County Times, MD; the Morning Call in Allentown, PA; the New York Daily News; and the Orlando Sentinel.
The company said it saw “no clear path forward” to returning the reporters to shared office space.
The company has not paid three months’ rent for most of its spaces and is negotiating with landlords for “various forms” of rent relief, including terminating leases.
Tribune Publishing also owns the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, and the Hartford Courant, among other papers.
TREND FORECAST: The more newspapers and newsrooms that close, the less reporters on the beat and the greater the news hole will grow. Once-upon-a-time, newspapers had bureaus in nations and state capitals across the globe. Reporters covered governments and business in cities and towns.
And now, with media consolidation, not only is the general public getting less news and information, they are getting one-sided, short sided reporting that fits political agendas and personal interest.

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