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The cracks in the COVID-19 panic of 2020 continue to emerge, raising more questions about Washington’s decision to lock down the country and force millions of healthy Americans with almost no risk of severe infection to roll up their sleeves and get injected with an experimental vaccine. 

Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst and columnist for The Washington Post, penned a column on Friday that casts new doubt on the number of hospitalizations and deaths as a direct result of the virus.

She cited the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on COVID deaths. The agency said about 400 Americans are dying from the virus every day, which means the country can expect to lose 150,000 people a year to the virus. 

Wen noted that there has to be a clear distinction between patients who died with COVID and those who died from the virus. Indeed, the question is whether an 8-year-old hospitalized with a broken arm who just so happens to be diagnosed with the virus should be counted as a COVID hospitalization.

Wen wrote that she has spoken to medical workers who insist that the number of deaths “attributed to COVID” is much higher than the number of people dying from the virus. 

To prove her thesis, she mentioned that a doctor at Emory Decatur Hospital in Georgia estimates that about “90 percent of patients diagnosed with COVID are actually in the hospital for some other illness.”

The Georgia doctor said every patient inside the hospital gets tested and many are “incidentally positive.”

“If these patients die, COVID might get added to their death certificate along with the other diagnoses. But the coronavirus was not the primary contributor to their death and often played no role at all,” the doctor said. 

TRENDPOST: This news is not new to readers of The Trends Journal

We have been warned that the government sold COVID-19 fear to maintain its grip on society, and inflated the number of hospitalizations to justify draconian lockdowns that killed small businesses and led to a jump in mental illness across the U.S. The pimps in the media, desperate to maintain ratings after Donald Trump’s departure from office, saw a ratings bonanza and sold the fear.  (Watch: “CNN ADMITS PROMOTING COVID WAR: ‘IT’S REALLY GOOD FOR RATINGS’.”)

In April 2021, we reported how an Irish coroner for County Mayo challenged the accuracy of COVID death reporting by the country’s National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).

He specifically questioned COVID as the cause of death in many cases where the patients were already critically ill.

“When a person is suffering from a number of medical conditions which will or may lead to their death at some short time in the future, if they are unlucky enough to be infected by the COVID virus then at death if they prove to be COVID positive in a test, it is that which is recorded as the principal cause of death—even though that person may have been terminally ill with a short life-expectancy prior to such testing,” he said.

Another Irish coroner, Dr. Denis Cusack of Kildare County, also challenged the government’s death total for COVID-19 at the time. 

He said 99 percent of the deaths reported in his county were of individuals who had significant underlying health problems. Out of 230 deaths attributed to COVID-19, “132 had a cardiovascular condition, 120 had dementia, 58 had respiratory problems, 36 had cancer, 30 had a neurological condition, 25 had diabetes, and 23 had kidney problems.”

TRENDPOST: What is now being reported about COVID deaths is old news to Trends Journal subscribers. Back in September 2020, when America fully launched the COVID War, we reported that Dr. Scott Jensen, a former state senator from Minnesota, said, “How can anyone not believe that increasing the number of COVID-19 deaths may create an avenue for states to receive a larger portion of federal dollars.”

Jensen disapproved of the Minnesota Department of Health’s paperwork on how doctors should fill out a cause of death certificate during the early stages of the outbreak. 

“Say I have a nursing home patient that’s frail and 88 years old and comes down with a cough and a fever, and after three days, ends up passing away from pneumonia, I’m not going to put influenza on that death certificate,” said Dr. Jensen. “So I doubt that I would be inclined to put COVID-19.”

Jensen has questioned the official number of COVID deaths and compared the virus to the flu. This drew criticism from the health establishment in the state which opened an investigation. Jensen has said that he is still not vaccinated and called COVID a “mild four-day respiratory illness.”

We also reported in May 2020 of the controversy in Belgium, a relatively small country with a modern health care system, which was reporting the highest death rate from the virus in the world.

That made no sense. It turned out they listed COVID-19 as the official cause of death for every person dying in a nursing home, whether or not they had even been tested.

In May 2020, The Trends Journal reported CDC data showing that some 94 percent of those dying from COVID-19 had at least one additional, significant pre-existing health condition and, more often, more than one. These other health issues were primarily heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and adult respiratory distress syndrome.

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