Following one man in Auckland testing positive for COVID, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, famous for her severe lockdowns after any new cases, called the latest order of a new, seven-day lockdown “unfortunate but necessary.” 
The News Daily reported last week that the individual, a 21-year-old identified as “Case M,” could have been infected for over a week before his official diagnosis. There is fear he could have spread the virus within the community.
The country had previously ordered a three-day lockdown in early February. Ardern vowed police action over those who disregard self-isolation orders.
Reuters reported that the new lockdown in the city is considered Level 3, which means people can leave their homes only to conduct essential business and shopping. The rest of the country is under Level 2 lockdowns, which limit social gatherings.
The Reuters report pointed out that some on social media called Ardern’s move to order a lockdown over one case “insane.”
Ardern said the latest case had a link to another person, outside his family, who came down with the virus, according to the New Zealand Herald. She said the interaction should have never happened:
“This was a family who was already identified as having COVID, and so was part of contact tracing and did not identify that they did have contact with this family… So that means we go back, we re-interview and say, ‘Now that we have identified that this has happened, we haven’t had all of your contacts, are there others?’ And we do all we can to identify whether or not there’s anyone else that there’s been contact with.”
TRENDPOST: Since the COVID War began a year ago, the nation of nearly five million has registered just 25 virus deaths. That equals the grand total of 0.0005 percent of the population who have died from the virus. Over a year, that’s 0.00004167 percent of COVID deaths per month.
As we had written two weeks ago, with just three cases – not deaths – the Prime Minister ordered an “Alert Level 2” lockdown, which is the second-highest level. Movie theaters and gyms will be forced to close, and a “border” will be set up around Auckland. Residents will need permission to exit the city.
Not a mention in the media of the question of where the scientific information is that provides essential data to impose a three-day lockdown back then. 
As we had written, why not a two-day or six-day lockdown? Does the virus disappear exactly after three days?
Apparently, it does, because now with one case, it is a seven-day lockdown of Auckland. 
Indeed, it is the same with politicians inventing curfew and restaurant times that vary around the world and have no scientific basis to support them.
Be it New Zealand or New York, COVID Panic persists and governments impose draconian orders and seize more control over the people… and the majority of the population buys what it is sold and marches off to orders.

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