New tool to defeat brain cancer

Glioblastoma, the virulent form of brain cancer that killed Ted Kennedy in the span of a year, has a helper. A protein called NF-kB is a tonic for the malignant cells, energizing them to proliferate at high speed. After discovering this link, scientists at the Salk Institute also discovered a protein and peptide that hamper the brain’s production of NF-kB and significantly increased the lifespan of affected lab mice in experiments. The protein and peptide can be created by the brain itself through genetic manipulation or could be introduced as a drug.

TRENDPOST: The trend in treating cancer is to enlist nature’s own entities instead of invasive surgeries or radiation as cures. Empty viruses stocked with medicine can bond to cancer cells and deliver their payload; the body’s own counter-chemicals can be directed to the rogue cells. For the first time, scientists are talking with confidence about curing common forms of cancer by 2030.

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