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In support of Pres. Biden’s intention to keep schools open, his administration has announced plans to begin shipping 5 million rapid COVID-19 tests each month to both public and private K-12 schools. This is in addition to the $10 billion previously allocated to schools for testing. 
The Wall Street Journal reported, on 12 January, that the rapid tests for schools will be in addition to the 500 million rapid tests the administration plans to distribute to the general public over the next several weeks. All such tests will be supplied “free of charge.” 
TRENDPOST: “Get tested! It’s free!” Not it’s not “free,” but the politicians say it and the mindless mainstream media repeats it. 
The cost of the “free” test kits will be covered by higher taxes paid by adults, their children and grandchildren. The administration also announced expanded capabilities for processing the 5 million additional PCR tests that will be supplied to schools each month. The PCR test takes longer than the rapid tests to yield results but is thought to be more reliable. 
TRENDPOST: Not everyone would agree; see “ITS DAMAGE DONE, FLAWED PCR TEST IS WITHDRAWN” (11 Jan 2022) and “COVID TESTS BULLSHIT? FDA RECALLS 2.2 MILLION?” (16 Nov 2021). 
TREND FORECAST: All these tests being made available will serve their purpose, that of keeping the fires of COVID fear burning, especially among those statistically at the lowest risk; see “ACTUAL COVID RISKS DON’T IMPACT VAX NARRATIVE” (19 Oct 2021) and “VAX KIDS? THE COVID RISK IS ‘TINY'” (13 Jul 2021).

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