Nessie the Loch Ness Monster moved to Sweden

Dear Gerald,

There’s a pile of ridiculous articles out there claiming Putin is paranoid. Yet one fussy photo from a $2
camera of a “white bump” in the waters off Sweden and the Swedes mobilize a massive hunt using the navy
and air force. Then the feedback mechanism pumps more BS in a loop for multiple sitings by the “public” of
this alleged Russian sub. In fact, those consecutive sighting were so far apart, at nearly the same time stamp
– that the Russian sub would need to be doing Mach 2.0.

For almost a year, the west has stacked up so much BS against Russia that it can’t even distinguish fiction
from reality anymore. They sit at the edge of their seat, twitching, refusing to blink their eyes, praying,
hoping, on a hair trigger – just for one small proof that Russia is bad – to the point where they start reaching
into their imagination.

But if Russia were really bad – the evidence would be obvious – it’s wouldn’t be as elusive as Nessie and you
wouldn’t need an electron microscope to find it.

So who is really paranoid? With all their advanced NATO technology, they can’t find the sub. Because it was
never there. It was a hallucination, created with a diet of BS. And people who consume BS become paranoid
and see things like ghost submarines in a distance or massive Russian armies in Eastern Ukraine.

Maybe it was just Nessie after all.


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