Need more Asian coverage!

Hi Gerald Kudos on the unadulterated news coverage and outstanding investigative journalism. You are amongst the true freedom fighters of the world, and we need more of you across the planet. I have been reading your journals and watching your videos since 2011 and you truly are a voice to be reckoned with. You call it as it is….no Bull S#@* no politically correctness. Outstanding !!! For all the amazing work you do in the US, there is still a whole world beyond your shores that are in dire need of your genius and knowledge. As such i write to you with an idea that perhaps you might spend some time contemplating about. I might not be the first to suggest this, but perhaps you might consider opening up an office in Asia. Given that half the worlds population resides in Asia, and the Asian nations are beginning to wake up from decades of slumber, we are in dire need of your skills and knowledge in this part of the world, covering Asian issues and enlightening the young minds who are being suppressed by their dictatorial leaders and governments. I work as an investment analyst and ive been in multiple jobs within the investment industry and i know everything you say is the truth, because i have seen it first hand the degree of crap that floats in this industry and all industries for that matter. The people of Asia on the other hand are slowly being led like sheep to their slaughter as they emerge into society and the world with their new found wealth and education, believing only what they are told. This part of the world needs a voice like yours. And i for one would be very glad t join your team should you decide to do so. Regards Ritesh

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