Mobile phones zap teens’ memories

More evidence that cell phones aren’t good for your head.

A July 2018 study from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute looked at 700 adolescents and found that making a lot of calls with cell phones correlated with poor “figural memory” – the part of memory that remembers shapes and images.

A majority of the teens studied were right-handed; figural memory is housed on the right side of the brain. Lefties who also phoned a lot showed far less impairment to their figural memory.

However, the researchers refused to say that cell phones were damaging the memory centers. They pointed out that puberty causes both heavy cell-phone use and changes in teens’ cognitive abilities.


Dozens of studies point to harmful effects to the brain from cell phones being pressed against the head. To minimize damage, use a phone’s speaker button for calls, or wear earphones.

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