Millennials need not apply for these jobs

While young tech whizzes are making new apps for your phone or designing cybersecurity protocols, Amazon Web Services is creating the Cloud that these devices need to operate – and Amazon is doing it with engineers whose average age is over 40. 

Some tech giants, such as Oracle and IBM, have a workforce with an average age above 35. That’s often because workers came to the companies fresh out of college and stayed. But Amazon is seeking older workers. The company organizes workers into small teams that work independently under tight deadlines. This requires skills in management, decision-making and practicality that are gained most often through experience. 

Millennials, jumping from job to job in this gig economy and temporarily landing in alternative/shared workplaces, lack the foundation and expertise to set priorities and manage projects.  

TRENDPOST: Tech companies are realizing that freshly minted college graduates might have the latest digital knowledge, but the grounded infrastructure that powers innovation will demand skills acquired only through experience. Therefore, the “lack of experience” trend and need for basic people skills necessitate large tech companies and savvy small ones to diversify their workforce’s age.

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