Aleppo Airport

Israel launched an air attack against Syria’s Aleppo International Airport early Tuesday, causing “material damage” and knocking the facility out of service, according to reports. 

The Times of Israel reported that Syria’s air defenses were activated, but it was not clear if they were able to intercept any missiles. 

SANA, Syria’s state media, reported that the attack came from the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia. 

Al Jazeera noted that the airport has been receiving aid shipments after the city suffered major damage from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake last month. 

There have been no reports of casualties in the airstrike. Israel did not acknowledge the attack.

Since 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria. Israel sees proxy forces in Syria as an existential threat because they are supported by Iran, its major military threat. 

Israel has admitted to launching hundreds of airstrikes into Syria that target Iranian troops, military targets, and allied groups such as Hezbollah who, along with Russia, are supporting the government of Bashar al-Assad. (See “ISRAEL: BOMBS AWAY OVER SYRIA, BUT LOOK THE OTHER WAY BECAUSE IT’S NOT UKRAINE” 13 Sep 2022, “ISRAEL KEEPS BOMBING SYRIAN AIRPORTS, KILLS MORE TROOPS” 20 Sep 2022, and “TOP TREND 2023, MIDDLE EAST MELTDOWN: ISRAEL BOMBS DAMASCUS’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” 10 Jan 2023.)

Damascus has accused Israel of committing war crimes after these strikes. 

We reported last week that Israel carried out another airstrike in Damascus that killed at least 15. Civilians were among those killed in the blast, including two women.

TRENDPOST: We’ve mentioned in previous issues that Western news outlets would be in a tizzy if Russia lobbed missiles at civilian airports in Ukraine. And, if Syria bombed Israel airports the U.S. would condemn it as an international war crime.

A popular Twitter user posted, “Israel is bombing Aleppo International Airport and the nearby Nayrab Military Airport. These two sites have been critical to delivering aid to Syrians affected by the earthquake. By every definition, this is a war crime.”

The Trends Journal reached out to the State Department for comment and did not immediately hear back. 

We’ve long noted that in the one-sided world of demonic thinking espoused by Western politicians and the Presstitutes… only Israel has the “right to defend themselves,” steal land under the name of “occupations,” launch preemptive wars to bomb Gaza and kill Palestinians, and operate as an Apartheid state as noted by Human Rights Watch.

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