By Gregory Mannarino
The stock market is about to do something extraordinary from now until the end of the year, and that is surge higher. 
Despite the fact the global economy is cratering, and here in the U.S. the economy is contracting at its fastest pace on record as a percentage of GDP, the U.S. stock market continues to hit new record high after new record high. 
Certainly, this continuing stock market record run comes as no surprise to any one of you who follow my work here in the Trends Journal, as one of the main themes of my work here IS that “the stock market would continue higher.”
Let’s set the stage.
Last week we heard from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, whom I refer to as Yellowstain. 
Last week at the conclusion of the two-day FOMC meeting, Yellowstain put out a statement outlining how the Federal Reserve is about to begin some kind of “taper.” This “taper” consists of how the Federal Reserve is supposedly reducing the size of its asset purchases from a total minimum of $120 billion per month, to now a total minimum of $105 billion per month—understand, these are minimum asset purchases! And there is no top. So, all the Fed is actually doing is only lowering the amount of MINIMUM asset purchases it will make per month, WITH NO CAP. 
The reality of the situation is this; Fed has tapered nothing and the market knows it, henceforth why the stock market went on to several new record high closes after the taper announcement was made.
Despite the propaganda which is being pumped out from the mainstream media outlets, net-net each month the U.S. economy continues to lose jobs. Where is the proof? The Labor Force Participation Rate/LFPR is cratering. The LFPR refers to how many people are actually in the work force and working.

Have a look at the chart above. It can be clearly seen that the LFPR is in terminal decline.
I have outlined here in the Trends Journal and in my own work that “The Worse the Economic News Is, The Higher the Stock Market Will Go,” and this phenomenon has in fact played out to be 100% true. Moreover, it is not going to stop.
Today debts and deficits are HYPER-ballooning and inflation is surging. Furthermore, this is NOT a trend which is only occurring here in the U.S., this is a global issue—BY DESIGN.
I have outlined for YEARS that the end game of central banks is this; to inflate and inflate some more. In reality what we are witnessing is a global takeover by central banks who are using their product, the currency which they create out of thin air, to BUY IT ALL—to be the lender AND BUYER of last resort. 
As long as the Fed continues to purchase assets, and it has absolutely no intention of stopping, the stock market will continue to set new record highs despite ANYTHING else. 

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