The ongoing lockdowns and other restrictions imposed on residents of Australia’s states of Victoria (largest city, Melbourne) and New South Wales (largest city, Sydney) continue despite just 74 coronavirus deaths this year in the entire nation of 25 million people. 
Also continuing are protests, in those areas and even in parts of the country not under lockdown. See the 27 July TJ article, “MORE LOCKDOWN UNREST DOWN UNDER.”
The Telegraph reported on 21 August that the protest in Melbourne, which started peacefully, turned into the largest and most violent that took place on that Saturday, with at least seven police officers injured and more than 250 arrests. 
A video of marchers shouting “Freedom,” clashing with police and being met with clubs and pepper spray can be seen here
TRENDPOST: Regardless of the extremely low number of COVID deaths in Australia, the politicians and the media keep pumping “increase COVID cases.”  
However, as Trends Journal has pointed out (see 2 February’s “2 MILLION PEOPLE, 1 CASE: WESTERN AUSTRALIA LOCKDOWN LUNACY”), the restrictions still seem unnecessarily harsh to the actual seriousness of the situation. Case numbers are routinely reported without the qualifier of how many required hospitalization, the efficacy of the tests or how many cases resulted in serious illness or death. 
Indeed, unreported is that none of the rallies seem to have turned into the “super-spreader” events authorities warned they would, and the entire nation’s death toll from COVID-19 is still under 1,000.

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