Meet the Trends Journal’s Chief Cannabis Analyst, a world leading expert

Bradford Beckerman was a 22-year-old rising business star when, as he was unloading groceries from the trunk of his car, a speeding out-of-control driver struck him, throwing him over his car and some thirty feet into the street.
Given up for dead, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors cut a good segment of his head open to relieve the pressure, vacuumed out the broken cranium bones, and inserted six titanium plates with screws to basically hold his skull together. He was put into a medically induced coma for some 13 days. During that time, Bradford’s lungs collapsed. The doctors performed bilateral lung surgery, inserted tubes into his lungs and put him on respirator machines to do his breathing for him.
Suffering severe Traumatic Brain Injury, battling seizures and in constant pain, he was reliant on 17 drugs to help keep him alive. Bradford spent six months in a rehabilitation hospital and four years in cognitive and physical rehabilitation.
Feeling barely alive and deep in depression, understanding that while the rehabilitation therapies were beneficial, he found the pharmaceuticals detrimental. He felt horrible, still had seizures, and could barely function. “It was almost like a black cloud over me.”
Aware that he needed alternative solutions, Bradford embarked on a whole health journey that eventually took him to India. There he stayed at an Ayurveda holistic health center where he was treated by a world-renowned doctor and also learned natural healing remedies.
That put him on the path to cannabis. Since he began including cannabis therapy into his daily routine of life, he has been seizure-free and has regained much of his physical strength and cognitive abilities.
Returning to the States, feeling healthy and strong, Bradford employed methods he learned from his childhood Jamaican influences and world travels, creating a thriving business at the forefront of the functional-beverage category, sold nationally, including at Whole Foods.
While the Bradford Tonic product line was, of course cannabis free at that time, today, Bradford turned his passion for cannabis into a professional life as a hemp broker, distributor and retailer.
In 2018, as a true OnTrendpreneur®, Bradford launched, a mission-based, for-profit, third-party logistics operator and supplier of hemp products. Bradford works with The Arc, a not-for profit organization whose mission is to “offer people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities opportunities to live and experience full lives.” He employs them to help, label, pack, ship his product and operate his business.
Indeed, at many levels, Bradford Beckerman is the world’s leading expert.
“Brad is unquestionably one of the most authoritative experts on the subject matter I have encountered,” said Trends Journal Publisher Celente. “Across both medical and recreational marijuana use landscapes, I have not found anyone more knowledgeable, more fact-based, more passionate, more committed to the future of cannabis and all it can do to help so many than Bradford Beckerman.” TJ

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