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From the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, as we have detailed in the Trends Journal, the mainstream media has been selling Fear and Hysteria.

Indeed, this was our 28 January Trends Journal cover: CORONAVIRUS: 106 DEAD IN CHINA. 1.4 BILLION STILL ALIVE. THE NEW “BLACK PLAGUE”?

The point of this cover story: why are 106 deaths in a nation of 1.4 billion people – in which, for example, 1.5 million of die of air pollution-related disease each year – being reported as headline blaring news?

It’s because fear sells, as it has for CNN whose rating soared 120 percent since CEO Jeff Zucker told his staff to stay on the “COVID War” story.

And, when war drums beat, again as evidenced throughout history, the masses believe what they are being sold and obey their leaders’ marching orders.

Last week, more countries around the world began opening up their societies as deaths from the virus were on the decline.

Yet, the mainstream media continued to generate Fear and Hysteria by ramping up headlines of how many new virus cases are being reported, despite the death rates falling.

Again, as we continually report, it is estimated that of those who are infected with the virus, the recovery rate is around 99.5 percent.

Here are some examples from last week:

Tokyo Could Declare Emergency if Situation Worsens” — Reuters, 31 July

Note: There were zero deaths that day and 1,004 overall virus deaths in a country of 126.5 million or 0.000796 percent of the population.

Vietnam Records First Covid-19 Death” — BBC News, 31 July

Note: Vietnam has 97.3 million people and a total of 6 deaths or 0.000006 percent of the population.

China Reports 127 New Coronavirus Cases, Highest Since March 5” — U.S. News & World Report, 30 July

Note: 4,634 Chinese have died from the virus out of a country of over 1.4 billion or 0.000331 of the population.

Germany Sees Alarming Rise in Infections” — CNN, 1 August.

Note: Last week, Germany recorded 3,611 new cases in a country of close to 84 million. As we report in this week’s article, “NO MORE MUZZLES,” Germany’s death rate continuously has been declining since mid-April.

California Shatters Record for Deaths, Set the Previous Day.”

Mercury News, 30 July

Note: To date, 9,400 Californians out of 40 million have died of the virus or 0.0235 percent of the population.

TRENDPOST: To keep the public in fear and their ratings rising, the Presstitutes keep selling fear by hyping “new cases.”

Rarely, if ever, does the media report that the COVID-19 survival rate ranges between 99.32 to 99.80 percent.  

TRENDPOST: We live in a society hooked on junk food, which destroys one’s physical health, and who is mentally ill from the massive doses of junk news they consume. 

In the U.S., a Quinnipiac University poll found that 75 percent of those responding were concerned both they and their family members would be hospitalized with COVID-19.  

Yet, according to data from the CDC, the rate of those in the country hospitalized with the virus is 0.1 percent. And among those test-proven positive, only 14 percent required hospital care and a scant 2 percent needed intensive care.

Even in the U.S., which has the most fatalities in the world, the CDC reported on Friday, “Indicators that track ILI and COVID-19-like illness showed decreases nationally from week 29 to week 30, with decreasing or stable levels in nearly all regions of the country.”

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: In your circle of friends and family, how many people do you know who have been hospitalized? If so, were they elderly, since an estimated 70 to 80 percent of the virus victims were… or did they have compromised immune systems and were suffering from pre-existing health conditions?

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