This past August, we reported that the King of Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker, decreed the flu vaccine was required for all MA school students of Slavelandia enrolled in child care, pre-school, K-12, and post-secondary institutions. Governor Baker declared that getting the flu shot would help lessen the risk of getting the coronavirus. 
While his actions involved forced flu vaccinations and not COVID, the precedent is relevant. 
A Massachusetts mother acting on behalf of her graduate student daughter helped turn back a push by state authorities to force the flu vaccine on anyone under 30 attending schools in the state. 
The state’s Department of Health issued no press release on their change, and it was barely reported by America’s Presstitutes. They did, however, send a notice to school nurses that read:
“The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is removing the requirement for flu vaccination for attendance in childcare/preschool, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Preliminary data show that this has been a mild flu season to date, presumably as people have received their seasonal flu vaccine and have been adhering to mask-wearing and social distancing due to COVID-19. Given the intensive Commonwealth-wide efforts regarding COVID-19 vaccination, DPH wants to alleviate the burden to obtain flu vaccination and focus on continuing our COVID-19 vaccination efforts.”
The cowards did not admit defeat, instead, they spun the tale as though they had decided it would be best to not get the flu shot.
The lawsuit, filed in December 2020 in Massachusetts Superior Court, was funded by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).
“This rescission of the Massachusetts flu vaccine mandate is extremely welcome,” said Mary Holland, general counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD). CHD, with help from ICAN, filed the suit in support of the mother’s legal action on behalf of her graduate student daughter.
TREND FORECAST: As we have been forecasting, there will be growing anti-vax movements spreading across America and around the world. The push by governments for mandatory vaccinations will not stop with the coronavirus. Year after year, new infectious disease killers will be hyped by politicians and the media, which, in turn, will push for more forced vaccinations to stop it from spreading. 

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