The U.S.’s inability to control the spread of the COVID virus is hampering the economic recovery, said Eric Rosengren, chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, on 12 August.
“Common-sense precautions, such as wearing masks… are much less costly than having to shut down whole sectors of the economy,” he said.
“We must get the virus under control in order for a sustainable economic recovery to take hold,” he added.
New data indicates the economic recovery that began with a spurt in June is “losing steam,” Rosengren said, echoing comments made by Fed chair Jerome Powell.
TREND FORECAST: As detailed in this and previous issues of the Trends Journal, mask wearing, especially the types the general population are wearing, are not “Common-sense,” as they are not, by the scientific data, effectively stopping the virus.
Moreover, we forecast the longer populations are forced to wear masks, the faster and deeper economies will fall… particularly in the retail, hospitality, tourism, trade shows, entertainment, and restaurant sectors, as joy is sucked out of life by a masked society living in fear.

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