One of the questions researchers at the University of Southern Denmark are asking is, “Has society recognized the huge environmental threat caused by some three million masks, most made from plastic microfibers, being thrown away EVERY MINUTE?” 
The research, published in the current journal Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, states,
“With increasing reports on inappropriate disposal of masks, it is urgent to recognize this potential environmental threat and prevent it from becoming the next plastic problem.”
Citing this research, on 14 March, Investment Watch wrote,
“Two years ago, the notion that everyone would be wearing face masks in public would have sounded like something out of a science fiction movie. Fast forward to 2021 and face masks are the norm, not the exception. In fact, researchers find 129 billion face masks are being thrown out each month around the globe.”
TRENDPOST: The world has entered a science fiction movie, indeed. Not a peep from the climate-change enthusiasts who support lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing while discounting the disastrous health implications of “mask waste” on the planet.  
As we’ve been showing for many months with empirical, hard data, the majority of political leaders and their so-called “health experts” have been using science fiction, not good science, to defend their physical and social lockdown edicts.

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