Malaysian Airlines mysterious phenomena

Gerald Celente

We heard so many version of what could happen with 2 missing planes Boeing 777.
Quickly blaming countries such as Russia and Malaysian government cover up.
USA/NATO has the most advance technology in surveillance / remote control etc
Malaysian government condemned Israel aggression in Gaza, same with 128 other
countries in the world. Palestinians do not have the right to come home.
My dog and other dogs in North America have more right and treated much better than
the people of Palestine in Gaza. The General Son by Miko Pelled, an honest Israeli
man will explain in detail about Israel occupation in Gaza.

Mysteriously the head of IMF Christine Lagarde in January 15 2014 had send a message
at the National Press Club Speech (available on utube), she mentioned magic # 7,
2014 drop the 0 2×7 etc. She mentioned #7 many times. She hoped G7 , IMF will have
something to do with it in the magic year 2014.
Coincidence?. Boeing 777 ?

Recently rabbi Henry Siegman the former head of American Jewish congress quoted:
Zionist dream is based on repeated slaughter of the Innocence….

Question number 1.Who benefitted after the disappearance of 20 engineer / expert
employees of Freescale Semiconductor ? 4 employees with 80% Patent rights to KL02
it is said the smallest micro conductor that can be use to employ drones smaller than
fly, to spread plagues. Or to control robotic warriors, etc. Coincidence ?

2. George Soros funded Ebola Kenema Bioweapon Lab project in Siera Leon that was
suppose to be closed down ?
The spoke person Glen Thomas died in Ukraine incident. why ? coincidence ?

We are living in the Dangerous Time indeed, Sad thing is Psychopath have the access
to these scary stuff already, we must stop them before we become the Endangered
Species facing Extinction . How can we protect humanity ? we must.


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