Last Thursday, the U.S. officially launched a military operation under the pretext of protecting the movement of oil out of the Middle East. 

Using another of their melodramatic, moronic names that mean nothing more than “We will kill who we want and do what we want to get what we want,” the Pentagon losers who have not won a war since World War II launched “Operation Sentinel.” 

Their excuse for the new military action is in response to the June 2019 attack on four oil tankers: two from Saudi Arabia and one each from the Emirates and Norway in the Gulf of Oman for which they blamed Iran, offering no proof.

Iran has categorically denied the accusations.

The new operation includes naval warships and air cover.  According to the U.S. central Command, the mission of the Operation Sentinel is to “ensure freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in international waters throughout the Persian Gulf.”

Vice Admiral Jim Malloy stated, “While Sentinel’s operational design is threat-based, it does not threaten.”

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and the United Kingdom agreed to be part of the coalition. 

Also on board, with a grand total of 10,000 active personal and a GDP of $13 billion (ranking 124th in the world) and a per capita income of $5,000 is the ferocious fighting force of Albania. 

The majority of European nations contacted by the U.S. refused to join the operation, stating they didn’t want to be drawn into a potential confrontation between the United States and Iran.

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