Mainstream media and politicians continue to focus on rising cases while ignoring the fact that deaths and case rates are dropping overall across the globe, both deaths and case rates are much lower than when the virus first hit… and the recovery rate of the virus is around 99.5 percent.
Despite harsh lockdowns in Italy, Spain, France, and the U.K., they are still struggling to fully reopen.
On Friday, the Spanish government ordered the closure of nightclubs, banned drinking in outdoor public areas, and outlawed smoking all to stop the virus. It is also reported they are planning to re-lock down the entire nation beginning 18 September.
Among the new restrictions, apart from essential business, border crossing with France, Portugal, and Italy will be closed, as will flights of non-essential travelers from Europe.
On Sunday, some 3,000 people took to the streets of Madrid to protest the mandatory use of face masks and the new rounds of restrictions imposed by the government. Chanting “Freedom,” protestors held up signs that read, “Masks Kill,” “What Kills is 5G,” and “We’re Not Afraid.”
On Friday, Germany declared nearly all of Spain a coronavirus risk region and warned that people traveling to and returning from those regions face a coronavirus test or two weeks of compulsory quarantine.
Europe, which is already suffering from a lack tourists, had another setback this past Thursday, when the U.K. government announced arrivals from France, the Netherlands, and Malta would be quarantined after 3:00 a.m. on Saturday.
There were some 160,000 Britons on holiday in France, as well as 300,000 French citizens who live in the U.K. on holiday there who had to hurry back after hearing the announcement or else they would be quarantined.
Italy, which set the stage for COVID Panic when it locked down in early March, ordered discos and clubs to shut down, made it compulsory to wear a mask between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in areas near bars and pubs, and re-imposed restrictions that will last into September.
The government had kept clubs open despite mounting criticism they attracted large crowds, that social distancing was not being respected, and masks were not being worn.
As of Sunday, people returning from Italy after traveling from Croatia, Greece, Malta, and Spain must be tested for the virus.
TRENDPOST: As we have reported, the average age of virus victims in Italy is over 80 years old. The rationale, as expressed by Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza, that young people should mask up and not party because “if they infect their parents and their grandparents, they risk creating real damage,” ignores the reality of who dies from the virus and why. 
Moreover, Italy, not recovered from the Panic of ’08 and falling deep into economic crisis, will, because of the harsh lockdowns that began on 9 March, suffer “real damage” as tourism, which accounts for some 12 percent of its GDP, is destroyed, and its nation’s hospitality and restaurant sectors are devastated.  
This formula, to varying degrees, will mirror other nations across the globe whose tourism and hospitality sectors have been shattered.
Moreover, these nations will become divided as new political parties challenge the establishments now in control.
TRENDPOST: While parts of Europe and other nations are re-imposing lockdown orders because virus cases are rising, once again, as we have been reporting, Sweden, which was, and still is, the target of media, political, and “expert health official” harsh criticism for not locking down the country has emerged as the great European success story.  
In early August, there were no new virus deaths and no spikes in infections. And Swedish citizens are not going through the startup/stop/startup/stop again freak-outs experienced in so many countries which shut down their economies and can’t figure out how to reopen them. 
Also ignored by the “must wear mask” dictators are the facts that the Nordic nations do not have mask-wearing mandates and there have not been spikes in virus cases or deaths.

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