When politicians launched the COVID War in March 2020, we had forecast it would destroy the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions… far more than the virus would kill. 
While the mainstream media continues to focus on the virus, the year-long lockdowns have created much more serious epidemics, including child suicide.
Last Tuesday, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) published the article titled, “Child Suicide is Becoming an ‘International Epidemic’ Amid Restricted Pandemic Life, Doctors Warn.”
The article notes,
“The damage we’re inflicting on children is too devastating to be waved away in the name of public health—it’s quickly becoming an emergency in its own right.”
The FEE article refers to an Associated Press interview with Dr. David Greenhorn, who works in the emergency department in the U.K.’s Bradford Royal Infirmary. Dr. Greenhorn emphasizes that the stress and anxiety of the extensive lockdown have caused the number of child suicide attempts to rise from a few each week to several every day. He states,
“This is an international epidemic, and we are not recognizing it… In an 8-year-old’s life, a year is a really, really, really long time. They are fed up. They can’t see an end to it.”
Dr. Richard Delorme, who heads the psychiatric department at one of the largest children’s hospitals in France, gave a similar warning, referring to the devastating mental health breakdowns caused by kids stuck in a continuing lockdown culture:
“What they tell you about is a chaotic world, of ‘Yes, I’m not doing my activities any more,’ ‘I’m no longer doing my music,’ ‘Going to school is hard in the mornings,’ ‘I am having difficulty waking up,’ ‘I am fed up with the mask’…
We are very surprised by the intensity of the desire to die among children who may be 12 or 13 years old. We sometimes have children of 9 who already want to die.”
The hospital where Dr. Delorme heads the psychiatric department has reported a rise from approximately 20 suicide attempts each month to more than double that now.
Here in the U.S., the CDC reported that 25 percent of young adults considered suicide during the lockdowns, while overall mental health and suicide rates appear to have spiked as well. 
The Bigger Picture
This terrible crisis of increasing child suicide attempts is part of the ongoing scientific data showing conclusively that the adverse effects from year-long lockdowns are far greater than the coronavirus itself. 
Brad Palumbo, an Opinion Editor at FEE, writes in the 24 March article:
“When it comes to lockdowns, we’ve extensively documented the unintended consequences at FEE, including isolation, depression, suicidality, unemployment, drug abuse, domestic violence, and more. Such severe second-order effects offer a painful reminder of why policymakers should be humble in the scope of their actions. Sweeping lockdowns are anything but humble: They presume that bureaucrats in an office somewhere can save society with top-down orders and nothing will go wrong.”
TRENDPOST: Beyond forecasting the devastating effects of the made-up, lacking-scientific-data rules imposed upon societies by the lockdowns, the Trends Journal has been detailing the failures of extended lockdowns. 
Here are a few examples: 
And going back to 14 April of last year, in our article “SHUT DOWNS & SHUT INS,” we wrote:
Taking advantage of successful fear campaigns, political leaders continue to shut down economies and shut in their citizens based on their individual temperament rather than hard data. As of last week, over 100 countries were in full or partial lockdown affecting billions of people.

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