Dear Subscriber,
In my 40 years of trend forecasting, I have never been more concerned about today’s current events forming future trends.
This Trends Journal Special Report details the U.S./Iranian crisis, which I have been writing and warning about for several years.  Should the current trend lines continue, I forecast we are on the path to WWIII.
I am not a gloom-and-doomer – all the details in this Special Report are factual.
As I have said many times, I was not put on Earth to take orders from leaders.  I am an American – born to be free.
That one person can decide the future of an entire nation – and possibly the planet – is unconscionable and unconstitutional.
I also said that I will not die for war, but I fight for peace.  Will or you your children die for war… or fight for peace?
As per my Holiday message, I said it was a time to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace and that Jesus Christ was “my kind of guy”: Peace on Earth.  Good will to Men.
The choice is yours.
Pace e Amore,
Gerald Celente and the Trends Journal Team
P.S. As we go to press, Iran has fired dozens of rockets at Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. troops.
P.S.S. Throughout the week, you will be receiving Trends Journal updates on the global economy and geopolitical events.
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