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plan History Before It Happens In Your Life

Global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute are planning the second in a series of unique conferences at the institute’s historic facilities in Colonial Kingston, NY, this fall. A few openings remain for History Before It Happens In Your Life, a three-day conference, October 17-19, dedicated to understanding and engaging the underlying trends that will influence your quality of life in the months and years ahead. To register, go HERE.

Celente, invited speakers and institute analysts will take attendees on a journey toward understanding how essential trends take hold and how to use that insight to help them “Prepare, Survive and Prevail.” The fall conference, being held during one of the most beautiful times of year in New York’s Hudson Valley, “is designed to identify and examine how emerging trends will directly affect the lives of participants, their families, their communities and their businesses,” said Derek Osenenko, the institute’s chief executive officer. “This one is going to drill deep into the issues that directly impact our daily lives.”

The conference opens at 7 p.m., October 16, with a reception at the Mohican building, the center of operations for the institute. As the conference unfolds, sessions and social events are held in a variety of historic settings, most dating back to pre-Revolutionary War times. “It’s a setting with no equal,” said Osenenko, who pointed out that History Before It Happens In Your Life takes place in the most historic intersection in the country. “Each structure on these four corners was built before 1775.”

Celente and the institute launched the symposium series with a sold out conference in August that attracted participants from as far away as Australia, Japan, and Switzerland, as well as all corners of the United States. That conference explored the “intersection of politics, economics and morality.” 

The institute’s conferences are much more than a collection of presentations and workshops; the gatherings feed off the energies and insights of thinkers, innovators and artists who seek and value the truth as a means to improve their lives. They engage dialogue and understanding on a deeper level, going beyond the formulaic reporting and analysis of the news events that dominate the media landscape. And it all takes place in one of the most historic settings in the country.

During the fall conference, attendees will have many opportunities to interact directly with Celente. The agenda calls for round-table discussions, as well formal presentations, to provide participants with takeaways they won’t receive from any other source. Most meals are included.

To register, go HERE.

Celente and the Trends Research Institute publish the Trends Journal®, the world’s number one source for information about the most important trends shaping the future. Regardless of your business or profession, the Trends Journal® provides insights, strategies and opportunities to help you navigate these treacherous, unprecedented times. A subscription to the Trends Journal® also includes exclusive subscriber access to the following features:

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Trend Alerts: providing real-time updates and analysis on trends the institute is closely watching. Each alert provides critical information, context and actionable advice. 

Trends Monthly: A monthly digital publication to keep you updated and informed on constantly evolving trend lines.

Weekly Freda: Each week, Trends Journal® illustrator Anthony Freda turns his artistic and satiric genius upon a story of his choice and illustrates it in his own unique style.

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