Learn how the past and present shape our future

You are invited to join Gerald Celente and Trends Research Institute staff and invited speakers for an invigorating three-day conference in historic Colonial Kingston, New York. Held at the inspiring Trends Research Institute facilities in one of the most historic settings in the  country, our History Before it Happens® program will provide up-close interaction with Gerald and others who will open your eyes to German poet, playwright and philosopher Friedrich von Schiller’s observation: “In today, walks tomorrow.”

Our presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions will offer one-of-a-kind insights into the dominant trends shaping our world. Participants will gain deep understanding of the global trends that very directly affect their lives. They will understand how the institute tracks trends and draws its conclusions; what information in those forecasts is most relevant to them; how to use the information to improve their lives; and, most critically, how to seek, find and value the truth.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy the company of thinkers, innovators and artists from across the globe who share the common goal to dig below the formulaic, force-fed information all around us that bypasses the underlying trends that shape our lives.  And you’ll enjoy a sunset Revolutionary War-era barbecue, cocktail-hour conversation with interesting, inspiring people and the dramatic summer beauty of the Hudson Valley.

Thursday, July 31

Welcome reception

7 p.m. We’ll meet at the Mohican building, the heart of the institute’s operations and home to our conference sessions.

Friday, August 1

The intersection of politics, economics and morality

Gerald Celente sets the stage with this riveting exploration of how the lack of a moral center across the spectrum of world leaders has exhausted the common person’s trust in the institutions that govern, direct and control our lives. A head-on collision with indisputable facts and their effects on your life takes hold as Gerald walks us through the intensifying populist movements around the world that are shaking the foundations of traditional governmental, economic and social institutions.

At lunch, participants will gain rich insights into to the inner workings of the institute and Gerald’s unique method of tracking trends.

As the day progresses, participants will engage Gerald and his team as we explore avenues for taking a moral stand and recognizing and celebrating some emerging trends that give us all reasons to hope. Participants will not only be inspired by creative ideas, they will learn about actual backyard movements that are defining the new crossroads of responsible business practices, holding our leaders to a higher moral standard and valuing creativity, community service and truthfulness above the almighty dollar.

Saturday, August 2

Transformational trends that will help you prepare, survive, prevail

Gerald and guest speakers break down essential trend lines, beginning with the economic forces that will take shape as a result of current political and social upheavals. Where are the best investment opportunities? What businesses and industries are best positioned to prosper? Where will be the jobs be?

At lunch, an interviewer will ask Gerald pointed questions to provide insights into the personal motivations behind his work, and then give participants the opportunity to grill “the pitbull of forecasts.”

Our journey then explores trends in health and science, technology, media, art, music and aging. Gerald will draw from his ongoing analysis in all these areas to serve up clear, cohesive forecasts you can act on. His mining of these essential trend lines will provide insights unavailable from any other source.

As the session draws to a close, Gerald will outline his four rules of peace, engaging the group in a probing discussion of what peace really means, how to truly embrace it, and how to recognize the real agents of war and social and economic oppression.

With the sun setting over the most historic intersection in the U.S., we’ll gather in the garden of a 250-year-old home and enjoy a Revolutionary War-era barbecue.

Sunday, August 3

Brunch with Gerald

As our conference draws to a conclusion, we offer an informal setting for final thoughts with Gerald, his team and fellow attendees.  We will also use this opportunity to serve as tour guides for those interested in exploring the historic and natural beauty of the Hudson Valley, a region uniquely positioned to offer a world-class vacation or the best of day trips.


Space is limited, so don’t delay. Until May 30, registration is open only to Trends Journal subscribers.  After May 30, any remaining openings will be made available to non-subscribers.

Cost: If you register before May 30, the cost is $950 per participant. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. Full payment is due by June 20. If you register after May 30, the cost is $1,050 per participant and full payment is required at the time of registration.


Your registration fee includes breakfast and lunch on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; and brunch on Sunday.

Transportation and lodging

Transportation and lodging costs are your responsibility.

Accommodations:  The Hudson Valley offers a number of lodging choices within minutes of the Trends Research Institute. These range from quaint bed-and-breakfasts to luxury resorts and spas. To learn more, we recommend you visit this site: http://www.hudsonvalleylodging.com/

Getting Here: Kingston is about 100 miles north of New York City. There are two airports less than an hour from Kingston — Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, and Albany International Airport. In addition, the three major airports serving New York City and Westchester County Airport, just outside the city, are all about two hours from Kingston. If you need assistance making travel plans, please call our office at 845-331-3500, ext. 102, or email us at info@trendsresearch.com.

How to register

Online: Register online for the quickest, most convenient way to reserve your place at the conference.
Mail: Fill out the form on the opposite page and mail it to Trends Research Institute, P.O. Box 3476, Kingston, NY 12402
Fax: Fax the form to 845-331-5700
Phone: Call 845-331-3500, ext. 102

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