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The USA has become the DSA, the Divided States of America.

Even the Middle East is dividing in unexpected ways. Qatar was just banned from the Arab League club. Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Russia … explosive land mines are being laid across the globe.

Amid all the turbulence and uncertainty, the world has not gone up in smoke and down in flames. While we do have mad men and women with their hands on the nuclear trigger, until they push the button, or if they ever do, there is life to live, enjoyment to be had and accomplishments to be made.

In our in-depth “Globalnomic® mid-year report,” we provide the fact-based information you need to assess the substantive socio-economic and geopolitical risks and opportunities ahead. And there are many.

This Trends Journal analysis – of a scale and depth you won’t find anywhere else – will dissect for you, your family and your career or business what these emerging trend lines mean to your bottom line. There are, indeed, landmines ahead and we have pinpointed them for you.

Thus, we also provide a trend-tracking lesson to help you see History Before it Happens® and help you track and forecast trends for yourself. This edition includes dozens of forecasts across a wide range of topics, from rising investment opportunities to technology and health and well being.

We consistently provide cutting-edge trend forecasts that you simply can’t get from any other media source. And this powerful edition will remind you why a Trends Journal subscription is so uniquely valuable and indispensable. 

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