Spice up your event

Gerald Celente has presented his smash-hit keynotes to business audiences, government officials, academic communities, and dignitaries around the world. Three options:

GLOBAL TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE THE FUTURE: geopolitical to economic; consumer goods to health; food, entertainment, education, social developments, retail, science, energy, trade, technology; even war and peace. This keynote provides audiences with real-world trends they can bank on.

THINK FOR YOURSELF: If your conference is about innovation, this is the must-have keynote. Blending his close-combat martial- arts expertise with his masterful trend-forecasting skills, Celente shows that when you think for yourself, innovation and success are the natural by-products.

CUSTOM KEYNOTES: Need something customized to your specific needs and requirements? Gerald provides audiences with presentations that are informative, provocative, visionary, insightful and entertaining.

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