June 6 conference agenda announced

The Find Your Future In Trends conference, set for June 6, promises to be a unique and dynamic experience. Taking place at the Trends Research Institute’s historic facilities in Kingston, New York, Gerald Celente will be joined by highly respected voices in economics, psychology, aging and pop culture to explore a series of powerful trends and what they mean to the lives of participants. 

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June 6, 2015
57 John St. and 82 John St.
Kingston, New York


8 a.m. The Mohican Building

Breakfast and registration

9 a.m. The Academy Building

Welcome and Conference Overview

Derek Osenenko, CEO

9:15 a.m. The Academy Building

Globalnomics: The Art & Science of Tracking Trends

  • How the model works
  • How trends are connected
  • The dominant trends here and now
  • Tracking trends and taking action

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher

10 a.m. The Academy Building

 Bankism: The Fall of Capitalism

  • What Bankism is and how it controls your life
  • How we got here and where the trend is headed
  • What happens when interest rates finally rise
  • Indicators to watch and track

Nomi Prins, Economist, Author & Journalist

11 a.m. The Academy Building


11:15 a.m. The Academy Building

Question and Answer period

Gerald Celente & Nomi Prins,

12:30 p.m. The Mohican Building


1:30 p.m. The Academy Building

Why Artful Aging Will Grow Stronger

  • What does creativity have to do with aging?
  • Living longer, more time to evolve
  • The changes taking shape and what they mean
  • How our approach to growing old will change

Aryeh Maidenbaum, Phd, Psychoanalyst, Author and Speaker

Introduction by Derek Osenenko, CEO

2:30  p.m. The Academy Building

What Globalnomics Teaches Us About  An Aging World

  • The dominant economic, cultural and health trend lines
  • The institute’s Artful Aging trend line
  • What Madison Avenue is missing about aging
  • Where the opportunities lie

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher

3 p.m. The Academy Building


3:15 p.m. The Academy Building

 Millennials Driving Cultural Change? A Globalnomics Perspective

  • The dominant trends emerging from millennials
  • A millennial’s perspective on what matters, what doesn’t
  • The institute’s Retrograde 2.0 trend line
  • The role Millennials play in driving cultural change

Timothy Malcolm, Multimedia Journalist, Writer & Editor

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher

4 p.m. The Academy Building

The Globalnomics Worldview In Real Time

  • Living in a world without moral grounding
  • The emerging trends that directly affect you
  • How to gauge the impact of trends on your life
  • Prepare, Survive, Prevail

5:30 p.m. The Franz Rogen House Garden

A live band sets the mood for great food, drink and conversation in a perfect, pre-Revolutionary War setting

For More Information on conference speakers:


Gerald Celente: Trendsresearch.com
Nomi Prins: Nomiprins.com
Aryeh Maidenbaum: NYJungcenter.org
Timothy MalcolmTrends Journal contributing writer covering millenial trends


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