Italy has become the first country to propose that all workers in the public and private sectors, including gig workers and the self-employed, show “health passes” to continue their employment.
The mandate, which would take effect in October, would require every worker to show proof of vaccination against the COVID virus, being in recovery from it, or having  recently tested negative.
Those who refuse will be fined as much as €1,000 a day and could be suspended from work after five days.
The mandate already became effective this month for teachers and other public agency employees; vaccines have been required since April for health care workers.
Individuals also would have to show their passes, typically as a QR code on a smartphone, to enter restaurants, theaters, trains, or planes.
Retired and unemployed people would be exempt from having to show the proposed  “green pass.”
Critics protested that the mandate impinges on personal freedom.
Presently, almost 75 percent of Italians aged 13 or older have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to Euronews.
Greece recently imposed a similar requirement on workers.
TREND FORECAST: When the COVID War was launched in China in January 2020, Italy was the first  western nation to join the fight, imposing draconian lockdown mandates. Thus, Italy is again leading the charge of not only “No Vax, No Job,” but on a grander scale it will devolve into “No Vax, No Freedom” mandates which will become the New Abnormal of the “Free” world.
TREND FORECAST: Unlike Italy where there is mass compliance, this past week, heavily locked down Australia (which we have been reporting on continually) witnessed strong construction-worker protests against government mandates forcing them to be vaxxed or lose their job. 
While the protests were heavily denounced by politicians and the media – and the COVID Cops brutally lamped down on them—we forecast that in nations where protest movements accelerate, they will evolve into new anti-vax, anti-establishment “freedom” parties.  

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