Go out, have fun, visit friends and relatives. Eat, drink, and be merry. And if you do, you’ll go to jail and pay for it. 
The Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported that anyone who is convicted of lying to public officials about their coronavirus status or nabbed outside during quarantine while inside a “red zone” could face up to six years in prison and fines up to €5,000. 
Italy was the first major nation to lockdown last March after the virus reportedly broke out in Wuhan, China, last January during the Chinese Lunar New Year.
TRENDPOST: To date, some 65,000 people died of the virus in Italy since March, an average of 7,222 deaths per month or 0.0119 of the population. 
As we have been reporting, the average age of Italian victims is 80 years old, and 65 percent of all who died had three or more preexisting chronic health conditions.
Yet, as with most other nations, rather than take measures to better protect those most susceptible to the virus, the leaders impose draconian lockdown mandates that have destroyed millions of businesses, lives, and livelihoods. 

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