By Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD, Progressive Radio Network

For over two decades, American families have faced an unscrupulous foe that threatens the public health and welfare. It is a rogue, unmanageable institution within our federal government, now seemingly beholden solely to private corporate interests. Citizens have been horribly mistaken in believing that the nation’s leading health agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), honors its mandate to protect the public from “dangerous health threats,” both domestic and foreign.

We are expected to assume the CDC relies upon the most advanced and cutting-edge medical science and data to make its policy decisions. However, the agency’s history of corruption and fraud contradict its own pledge, as outlined on its website. Instead of protecting the “health security of our nation,” the CDC uses bromides and meaningless pageantry to hide its true nature.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, now entering its fourth year, the fear-mongering spewed from the CDC has become virulent. It is a classic Orwellian script. Back in 2018, writing for the Foreign Policy Journal, Jeremy Hammond accused the agency of promoting disinformation about influenza statistics in order to induce fear in the public as a marketing campaign to increase vaccination rates.

Moreover, the SARS-2 virus outbreak from the Wuhan laboratory has been seized upon as an opportunity to brainwash the public and reshape it into obedient livestock in order to increase the agency’s power over public health policies and vaccination compliance. Worse, this disinformation campaign has ignored everything we know so far about the efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, especially the experimental mRNA vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer. 

Unfortunately, the government has assured us that there is no public space to debate the pros and cons of these vaccines. The CDC has consistently shut down debate when its decisions are challenged.  

Physicians, medical researchers, immunologists and former vaccine advocates who challenge the loose claims for vaccine safety and efficacy are frustrated and eager to publicly debate the best vaccine advocates the CDC and vaccine industry have to offer, but none will take up the challenge because the science is so clearly not on their side.

The agency consistently fails to conduct and apply any gold standard and robust review for its own medical research and ignores the best independent peer-reviewed science. In short, the agency is a mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical-industrial complex and operates for its own financial advantage, rather than for the benefit of society.

Its revolving doors are kept spinning with a constant influx of pharmaceutical industry and vaccine insiders. In fact the lines separating corporate influence and public health are grossly blurred and distorted. It is no surprise that documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests paint the CDC as rotten in its core and one of the greatest health threats to the nation. The agency, in Robert Kennedy Jr.’s words, is a “cesspool of corruption.”

Despite the CDC’s claims on its website that it “does not accept commercial support” and has “no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products,” the British Medical Journal called out the agency for accepting funding from the pharmaceutical industry and other for-profit corporations.

In 2019, this resulted in a citizens’ petition addressed to then CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield for promulgating false disclaimers and to demand greater transparency in its financial relationships. The petition charges the agency’s blatant “deception” with “misleading health professionals, consumers and others both in the United States and around the world.” Four years later the CDC’s duplicity has not only heightened but it has been increasingly wrapped in secrecy and untruths.

What you will never hear in the mainstream media is that there is another medical institution that is supposed to have been granted the responsibility to assure the CDC receives quality and reliable scientific research to use as the basis for its healthcare decisions. The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), formerly known as the Institute of Medicine (IOM) until 2015, does not possess the CDC’s legislative clout; however, elected officials are led to believe that it represents a far superior body of scientists and researchers in their medical fields.  

Founded in 1970, the Institute of Medicine falls under the charter of the National Academy of Sciences started by President Abraham Lincoln and Congress in 1863. The Academy’s purpose is to bring together the nation’s best scientific minds to advise the government on scientific matters. The IOM was founded later to provide expert advice and reliable medical research to the White House and Congressional legislators to guide their decisions, keeping them informed about the social, economic and political impacts of healthcare.

According to its principles, and unlike the CDC, NAM members deliberating on vaccine research and policies are supposed to be independent and not represent private interests. This also meant the provision of “unbiased” opinions to the CDC and NIH. Even Julie Gerberding, a former CDC director and now head of Merck’s vaccine division, recognized NAM as “an authoritative resource on medical issues, including vaccination, and a global leader in vaccine-policy development.” 

However, during the past decade NAM has increasingly become simply another private, non-profit voice to support CDC policies. On one occasion the Academy rejected the proposal for a study that would compare the quality of health between children receiving the CDC’s full vaccination schedule and a second group receiving fewer vaccines. NAM’s rationale was that it would be unethical to conduct such a study. It has also become riddled with scandals and conflicts of interest.

The Project on Government Oversight has accused the Academy of gross conflicts of interest and a culture of secrecy, including its funding resources. A 2021 investigation conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests the NAM has become no different than our other federal health agencies acting on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The report states that the Academy has been receiving millions of dollars directly from all of the major vaccine manufacturers and bankrolls taxpayers to pay for discarded drugs, or “drug waste.” Back in 2016, it was estimated that these payouts amounted to $2.8 billion annually. Today, NAM is another broken agency that Congress should either eradicate or rule to have scrupulously reformed.

The CDC’s horribly unethical activities are a matter of public record. These are not secrets or confidential information. The documents and voices of whistleblowers within the CDC are readily found on the internet to support all of our charges against the agency. They are readily available to anyone who wishes to investigate. Unfortunately, our media has again failed to do its job in accurately reporting on federal corruption, instead becoming an instrument of the Medical Deep State and a mouthpiece to deceive the public.

CDC misconduct includes widespread corporate nepotism favoring private pharmaceutical interests, illegal destruction of clinical data that showed a correlation between the MMR vaccine and a 250 percent increase in autism among African American boys, hiring a criminal(s) to conduct fraudulent research to conceal the neurological risks of mercury-containing vaccines, the silencing of internal officials and whistleblowers, serving as the go-between on behalf of the beverage industry concerning the World Health Organization’s restriction of sugary soft drinks, etc.

The CDC fudged firearm safety statistics; that report led Harvard University’s Injury Control Research Center director David Hemenway to declare that no one should trust the CDC’s estimates. 

During the 1970s, it was the CDC’s Dr. Colleen Boyle who covered up the hideously toxic nature of Agent Orange and dioxin that thousands of Vietnam War veterans were exposed to. Although the IOM and Congress at that time revealed Boyle’s chicanery, the agency duly rewarded her loyalty with a promotion. 

Long before the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, the CDC and the drug industry had already been closely colluding to push unsafe vaccines. In 2004, Congress accused the agency of operating as a public relations firm for private interests, rather than as a watchdog ensuring the integrity of vaccine science.

That same year, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel uncovered potential evidence that the CDC and pharmaceutical companies were destroying data linking the vaccine preservative thimerosal with neurological disorders. Senator Tom Coburn’s expose reveals the agency’s widespread budgetary mismanagement has wasted millions of tax dollars and concludes that the CDC cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease.

In October 2017, Congressman Bill Posey sent a letter to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions calling on him to resume efforts to extradite and prosecute Dr. Poul Thorsen for money laundering of over $1 million from the CDC. The catch is that Thorsen was contracted by the CDC to conduct fraudulent research in Denmark that would mask any association between the vaccine preservative thimerosal and autism.

In 2011, Thorsen was placed on the Inspector General’s most wanted list; nevertheless, the CDC has continued to erect obstacles to extradition efforts. More worrisome, Rep Posey discovered that for at least three years after the FBI issued its arrest warrant, the CDC and National Institutes of Health continued to collaborate with Thorsen and even jointly-published more junk science together.  

Another misdemeanor involved the CDC providing erroneous data to Congress about its women’s health program, WISEWOMAN, commissioned to provide preventative health services to women between 40 and 65 to reduce cardiovascular disease. Native Americans were also targeted for assistance in the program. The data was cooked and enrolled far less women than the CDC reported to Congress. 

These ethical violations are systemic throughout the agency and Congress has been paralyzed in any efforts to rein in the rottenness that saturates the agency’s leadership. Even CDC’s scientists are fully aware of the degree of corruption permeating the agency. In 2016, a group of CDC scientists submitted a letter outlining their concerns to the agency’s chief of staff. Out of fear of retribution, the group filed their complaint anonymously. They wrote:

“We are a group of scientists at the CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests…. What concerns us most is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception. Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors. Others see it and turn the other way. Some staff are intimidated and pressed to do things they know are not right.”

Over the years, Congressional subcommittees have voiced warnings to CDC officials to clean up their act. A House Government Reform Committee reported that both the CDC’s and FDA’s advisory committees for vaccines were thoroughly compromised with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest. In 2009, the Office of the Inspector General conducted an investigation of conflicts of interests within the CDC. The Office discovered that 97 percent of its advisors failed to declare their links to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Prior to Covid-19, one of the greatest series of on-going medical scandals, cover-ups and misinformation has been the federal health agencies’ denial of vaccine safety and the epidemic rise in autism and other neurological disorders. Speaking at Yale University in 2019, Children’s Health Defense founder Robert Kennedy Jr. presented data from his investigations into the CDC’s culture of medical negligence and efforts to cover up the compelling evidence for vaccine-induced injuries, including autism.

Over the course of twenty years, the NAM/IOM has monitored and reviewed the medical literature to determine the most- and least- likely injuries associated with specific vaccines and provided recommendations to the CDC. In 1991, 22 illnesses were identified, 6 were confirmed as vaccine-related and 12 remained uncertain due to insufficiently reliable studies. Those cases with confirmed causation included learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and childhood diabetes.

This data was collected subsequent to President Ronald Reagan signing the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, a point when autism rates started to climb exponentially. Three years later, the NAM/IOM identified 54 medical conditions, the medical literature supported 10 diseases as vaccine-induced and 38 were uncertain. Among the confirmed illnesses were seizures, demyelinating disease, sterility, transverse myelitis and, for the first time, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Again in 2011, the IOM reported a whopping 155 adverse conditions with 16 vaccine-induced injuries supported by the science, including a correlation between the DTaP vaccine and autism. Because the IOM holds no official authority over the federal agencies, its recommendations to the CDC went unheeded. Instead, the agency has dug itself into a deeper hole of secrecy and corruption. With a budget of $11.5 billion, Kennedy notes that only a pathetic $20 million is designated for vaccine safety. 

These early IOM reports are extremely valuable. They identify many of the same childhood diseases that have risen to epidemic proportions in the intervening years, and they indict vaccines as a causal factor. Yet regrettably, as noted above, the NAM/IOM is as compromised and corrupt as the CDC. The Academy, too, has become another pawn of the Medical Deep State sharing a similar goal to keep every American on the ever-revolving vaccination treadmill with lies and even threats and force if necessary. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the CDC expanded its authoritative powers and influence into public life as never before. Piggybacking on the 1944 Public Health Service Act, for the first time, the agency enacted on its authority to override state health departments in order to mandate masks and quarantines, health inspections, widespread Covid monitoring with the unsuited PCR test, and forced closures of businesses, schools and houses of worship.

In collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC unleashed a highly refined strategic offensive against Americans by capturing the nation’s media networks to propagandize its fabricated interpretation of the severity of the SARS-2 virus and its variants. This involved generating a culture of fear, political and social divisions, and a dystopian atmosphere to implement policies to gain further control over the population.  

According to federal health documents obtained by Judicial Watch, in order to promote the Covid-19 vaccines and boosters, the CDC and HHS infiltrated all media companies and their producers, morning and afternoon talk shows, cultural event organizers, entertainment firms, management agencies for celebrities such as Tom Brady, Hollywood scriptwriters, leading Christian evangelical leaders on the Christian Broadcast Network, Catholic publications, and the major sports organizations such as the NFL and NASCAR. They also succeeded in capturing Google’s Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All of these entities were pressured to comply with the “vaccine engagement” packages sent to them.

Since the CDC also operates as an intelligence agency alongside the Department of Defense and the national security state, its pandemic surveillance program tracked the mobile phones of tens of millions Americans. According to internal documents obtained through a Freedom of Information filing, the agency used this phone data to monitor lockdowns and vaccination compliance. This included tracking the entry into K-12 public schools and even compliance on transportation hubs, “parks and green spaces” and Native American reservations.

In their analysis report “Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates: Twenty-One Scientific Facts that Challenge the Assumptions,” the Physicians for Informed Consent drew from the CDC’s own medical data and the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials to show the CDC has debunked its own propaganda to the public. Among the facts presented in the CDC reports are:

  • In 68 countries, there was “no significant signaling of Covid-19 cases decreasing” with higher vaccination compliance.
  • There is no strong evidence that the vaccines decrease Covid-19 deaths. In the Eurosurveillance report for July 2021, 100 percent of “severe, critical and fatal” Covid-19 cases were among vaccinated persons.
  • There is evidence that previous SARS-CoV-2 infection is more effective than COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Serious adverse event risk for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is 1 in 556 subjects and 1 in 1,408 for Moderna’s vaccine.
  • There was a 97 percent increased risk of cardiac-related deaths in men between 18-39 years within 28 days of vaccination. 
  • There is no observable benefit for vaccinating children versus the risks of children with a SARS-2 infection. Nevertheless Pfizer’s clinical trial for children 5-11 years old showed 1 in 59 vaccinated kids suffered from severe systemic reactions.
  • For those not living in a nursing home, Covid-19 survival rate is 99.8 percent overall and 99.999 percent for children.

The CDC’s and Anthony Fauci’s frequent debacles, scientifically-based policy reversals, revelations of data secrecy and officials’ lies have contributed to a national decline in confidence and trust. One notable reversal was the CDC no longer recognizing the PCR test as a valid means to detect active SARS-2 infections.

Reporting about this announcement in December 2021, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research noted that the CDC admitted that the PCR tests “cannot differentiate between SARS-coV-2 and influenza viruses.” For many years the CDC’s website clearly states that “Influenza virus testing is not required to make a clinical diagnosis of influenza in outpatients with suspected influenza, particularly during increased influenza activity when seasonal influenza A and B viruses are circulating in the local community.”

This would certainly explain the enormous discrepancy and exponential drop in the number of hospitalizations and deaths associated with the flu since the start of the pandemic compared to other flu seasons. It is also a fine example of counterfeit medical science masquerading as a clinical fact because the Encyclopedia of Virology claims there are over 200 different human respiratory viruses in circulation. How can any physician determine the viral cause for any flu-like symptoms if it is not tested for?

In early 2022, the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania conducted one of the more thorough surveys on Americans’ perceptions of the CDC providing “trustworthy information” about the pandemic. Despite the survey’s findings revealing an overall lack of confidence, the results were notably divided between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives’ approval fell below 40 percent for Fauci and 52 percent for the CDC; Fauci boasted 85 percent approval among the corporate liberal media and 89 percent for the CDC. 

The CDC has now had three years to reinvent itself under the pretext of a life-threatening global pandemic. It had the choice to overhaul its long history of incompetence as a protector of public health; instead it chose to follow the course of dictatorial control as the nation’s sole authoritative voice over medicine and health. Never before has medical science been so politicized. And this raises a final and fundamental question.

Would you hire someone with such an extensive rap sheet to care for your child, let alone a newborn infant? Would you trust them to undertake the correct measures in an emergency, or use sound judgment to assure your loved one’s well-being?

For the now millions of vaccine-damaged adults and children following the advent of mRNA vaccines, the CDC remains a felon on the loose with the full protection of the government. Congress is a mob of inebriated Keystone cops who refuse to realize the urgency in an exhaustive re-evaluation and housecleaning of the CDC, the FDA and Fauci’s NIAID. 

The CDC’s gross negligence during the past couple of years and utter disregard for Americans’ well-being and health draws only one conclusion. You are dispensable. The American public is best served as willing experimental fodder for new novel drugs and vaccines.

Today’s killing fields in Ukraine, sponsored by the U.S.’s military industrial complex, is a microcosm of America’s killing fields orchestrated by the pharmaceutical complex for many decades. For the drug industry’s bottom line, we do not matter. Nor do your children. And the mainstream media and every major network, newspaper and magazine, are similarly complicit in preserving the CDC’s culture of deception.

The entire American medical establishment demands to be officially stamped with a “black box warning” in order to draw the public’s attention to the serious and life-threatening dangers from believing the false propaganda being disseminated by the CDC and other federal health agencies.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Trends Journal.

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