The Trends Journal has long been reporting on a clandestine war between rivals Israel and Iran.
Last week, we ran the article, IRAN BLAMES ISRAEL FOR NUCLEAR FACILITY EXPLOSION and on 16 March, ISRAEL TARGETS IRANIAN OIL SHIPMENTS TO SYRIA.” The reports point out that the Israeli military seems intent on making good on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promise that Tehran will never become a nuclear country. Since 2007, Israel has been accused of carrying out assassinations.
The New York Times reported Thursday that there have been assassinations within Iran over the past few months and mysterious explosions at nuclear facilities in the country, which expose a serious vulnerability in Iranian intelligence.
“That the Israelis are effectively able to hit Iran inside in such a brazen way is hugely embarrassing and demonstrates a weakness that I think plays poorly inside Iran,” Sanam Vakil, the deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Chatham House, told the paper.
Netanyahu and the Biden administration are working toward some kind of agreement during the second round of nuclear talks. An Israeli official told Axios that Tel Aviv does not believe the U.S. is “showing sufficient consideration” to the concerns that Israel has in regards to the nuclear talks.
“We don’t think it is a done deal, and as long as we have a chance to give our input, we are going to give it a try, hoping it makes a difference,” the official said.
TREND FORECAST: Should military tensions between Israel and Iran escalate and war breaks out between the two nations, oil prices will spike to well over $100 a barrel, which will, in turn, spike inflation rates and trigger a global equity market crash. It will also mark the beginning of World War III. 

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