two bullets, nose-to-nose, with the U.S. and Iran flags on their sides

A “Top Secret” document that was part of the major leak earlier this month laid out methods that Israel could use in its effort to get the U.S. involved more in its standoff with Iran, which includes Tel Aviv increasing its support for Ukraine in return. 

The Intercept, which viewed the document, reported that the document states that Israeli officials have been urging the White House for more support for their operations against Iran.

The report noted that Washington has been pressing Israel to provide Kyiv with lethal aid as the war continues. Israel has experience with anti-missile defenses that could prove valuable to Kyiv, but Tel Aviv has been careful not to anger Moscow. 

The report said one scenario is that Russia “continues to allow Iranian advanced conventional weapons through Syria, prompting Israel to request expanded U.S. support for Israeli counter-Iran activities in exchange for lethal aid to Ukraine.”

The leaked document, titled, “Pathways to Providing Lethal Aid to Ukraine,” read, “Israeli defense leaders are advocating for increased risk-taking to counter Iran, including proposing bilateral Israeli-U.S. operations.”

Al-Monitor, which also viewed the documents, said the U.S. is concerned that the Ukraine War could bring Russia closer to Iran, which could embolden Russian forces in Syria and potentially leave American troops stuck in the middle.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported on how the U.S. and Israel have increased pressure on Iran in recent months. (See “MILLEY: U.S. NEEDS TO BE TARGETING IRANIAN FORCES ‘VERY HARSHLY’” 4 Apr 2023, “MIDDLE EAST MELTDOWN: IRAN VOWS REVENGE AGAINST ISRAEL AFTER KILLING” 4 Apr 2023, and “NETANYAHU: ‘HORRIBLE’ NUCLEAR WAR WILL BREAK OUT IF IRAN DEVELOPS NUKE” 14 Mar 2023.)

We also noted last week that the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency actually gave Iran credit for signaling that it will be more transparent in its nuclear program. (See “UN NUKE WATCHDOG CREDITS IRAN FOR ‘MARKED IMPROVEMENT,’” 7 Mar 2023.)

The leaked documents said Israel could end up turning its back on Russia if Moscow crosses certain red lines, including providing Iran with advanced surface-to-air missile systems and fighter jets in exchange for weapons.

TREND FORECAST: As Gerald Celente has long noted: “When all else fails they take you to war.” And with protests going on in Israel month after month, week after week and day after day in opposition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform package, to reverse the course and limit the opposition, Israel may well launch an offensive operation against Iran. 

Should there be a military confrontation, oil prices will spike above $130 per barrel which will in turn crash equity markets and economies. 

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