The Syrian military said Saturday that five soldiers were killed in Israeli airstrikes aimed at the Damascus International Airport and other nearby locations.

The Trends Journal has reported on recent strikes at Syria’s second-largest airport in Aleppo in last week’s issue in an article titled, “ISRAEL: BOMBS AWAY OVER SYRIA, BUT LOOK THE OTHER WAY BECAUSE IT’S NOT UKRAINE.” Israel sees these civilian airports as legitimate military targets because it is believed Iran is using these airports to support fighters in the country.

The most recent strike early Saturday came from the “north-east side of Lake Tiberias.” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told The Guardian that Iran-backed fighters were also killed in the strike. The paper noted that the airport in Damascus was put out of service for two weeks in June during a similar strike.

Syria claimed that its military intercepted most of the missiles fired by Israel. Israel did not confirm the attack, but noted that Israel reportedly cut off humanitarian aid in Damascus. 

Since 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria.  The Wall Street Journal also reported that since 2017, Israel has carried out about 400 airstrikes in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Al Jazeera noted that during that time, hundreds of thousands of people have died and “millions made homeless,” while foreign powers like Iran, Turkey, the U.S., and Russia have essentially carved out sections of the country to control. 

The Trends Journal has reported extensively on this shadow war that has escalated in the past few months between Israel and Iran. These strikes include high-profile assassinations. (See “ISRAEL LAUNCHES, KEEPS ATTACKING SYRIA, 3 DEAD,” “ISRAEL KEEPS LAUNCHING MISSILES INTO SYRIA. WILL WAR ESCALATE?” and “U.S. SOLDIERS INJURED AFTER BASE SHELLED IN SYRIA, WHY ARE THESE TROOPS STILL THERE?”)

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s secretary-general, told Syria after the airstrikes that “unification of the resistance forces in the region is required, because this is the only way in which the Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians will get their lands and the gas and oil again,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

He said his fighters are ready for a confrontation.

“The Israelis, the Americans and others have enough data about the seriousness of the resistance and they know that we are not joking about this issue,” he said.

TRENDPOST: The silence in the Western media is, once again, deafening when it comes to Israel’s attacks on Syria. We’ve mentioned in previous issues that Western news outlets would be in a tizzy if Russia lobbed missiles at civilian airports in Ukraine. And, if Syria bombed Israel airports the U.S. would condemn it as an international war crime. 

Robert Inlakesh, a popular journalist in the Middle East, took to Twitter after these recent strikes and posted, “Israel just bombed Syria’s Capital, Damascus, & Killed 5 Syrian Soldiers. They even struck the Damascus International Airport again. Syria didn’t aggress, there was no excuse & no armed retaliation. But it’s not Ukraine, so keep scrolling everyone.”

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