Syrians sitting atop building rubble

Israeli forces struck military targets in Syria earlier this month in response to rockets fired from the Syrian side into the stolen Golan Heights that the Western Presstitute media calls “Israeli-occupied.”

The IDF issued a statement on 9 April that said Israeli fighter jets nailed a military compound for the Fourth Division of the Syrian Armed Forces, military radars systems, and artillery posts used by the Syrian Armed Forces.

Syrian officials said the strikes caused material damage.

SANA, Syrian state media agency, spoke to an unnamed military source who said an Israeli rocket strike occurred at 5 a.m. and the “Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with a number of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, targeting some points in the southern region.”

The al-Quds Brigade, which is loyal to Damascus, claimed to be behind the initial rocket fire into Israel and said it was in response to recent Israeli police raids at the al-Aqsa mosque, the BBC reported.

Since 2011, Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria. Israel has carried out about 400 airstrikes in Syria and other parts of the Middle East. 

The Israeli airstrike, although not unusual but never reported in the Western media or condemned by politicians, came at a particularly fragile time for one of the world’s poorest countries. Syria, like Turkey, is still recovering from a devastating earthquake that killed at least 47,000 and left 26 million in need of assistance across the two countries.

Damascus has accused Israel of committing war crimes after these strikes.

These recent strikes have also occurred while tensions remain high in the West Bank. Israeli forces have killed more than 250 Palestinians and Palestinians have killed 40 Israelis since the beginning of the year. The Financial Times also reported that “militants” in Lebanon launched 34 rockets at Israel earlier this month.

TRENDPOST: The Trends Journal has reported extensively on Israel’s war with Syria that is largely ignored by the Western media. We point out the hypocrisy because these same outlets bash Russia for its aggression in Ukraine, while Israel gets a pass. And if Israel was attacked by Syria, it would headline news and be condemned by Washington. (See “ISRAEL BLAMED FOR ANOTHER ATTACK ON SYRIAN AIRPORT” 28 Mar 2023, “MIDDLE EAST MELTDOWN: SYRIA SAYS ISRAEL LAUNCHED ATTACK ON ALEPPO AIRPORT” 7 Mar 2023, and “ISRAEL CONDUCTS ‘DEADLIEST’ ATTACK ON DAMASCUS AS SYRIA TRIES TO OVERCOME HISTORIC EARTHQUAKE” 21 Feb 2023.)

We’ve long noted that in the one-sided world of demonic thinking espoused by Western politicians and the Presstitutes… only Israel has the “right to defend themselves,” steal land under the name of “occupations,” launch preemptive wars to bomb Gaza and kill Palestinians, and operate as an Apartheid state as noted by Human Rights Watch.

It is worth noting that the Golan Heights, which Israel claims as its own, was controlled by Syria until 1967, when it was stolen by Israel after the Six-Day War. And as we have noted, the occupation is not recognized by most of the international community.

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