It didn’t make the U.S. news, but last week Israel conducted a series of deadly airstrikes in Syria and reportedly targeted military sites in Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Latakia.
Al Jazeera, citing Syria’s SANA news agency, reported that the airstrikes occurred last Tuesday and Israeli planes fired the missiles from Lebanese air space.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Britain-based war monitor, told the AFP that 11 Syrian soldiers were killed, but Israel said it would not  comment on the report “in the foreign media.”
Syria called Israel a “rogue entity” that is a risk to the global community like ISIS, according to
“Syria is certain that people in these (regional) countries are all aware of the fact that Israel is a rogue entity for the international community, and it poses threats to the international peace as well as security, and its danger is no less than those being presented by Daesh and al-Nusra Front,” a letter from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates to the U.N. Security Council read. 
It continued, “Syria reiterates once again that Israel’s repeated terrorist acts against Syria and other countries of the region, which have escalated especially with the recent onslaught in the occupied Palestinian lands, would have been impossible without support and protection of the U.S. and its Western allies. Their illegal and dishonest justifications encourage the Israeli regime to carry on its aggression and arrogance.”
Syria said that its air defense systems managed to shoot down some of the missiles fired by Israel.
The Times of Israel reported that Israel’s military has conducted hundreds of strikes on Syria since 2011.
TREND FORECAST: With Prime Minister Naftali Bennett taking over from former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, considering who he is and what he stands for, we forecast it will be more of the same.
For example, Bennett served in an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces and in 2013 he became the leader of the pro-settler party Jewish Home that opposed the formation of a Palestinian state. He rebranded the Jewish Home to “Yamina” in 2019.
In 2018, The Times of Israel reported that Bennett said that if he were defense minister, he would enact a “shoot to kill” policy with Gaza for those breaching the barrier wall.  When asked if he would also “shoot to kill” children breaching the barrier, Bennett said “They are not children — they are terrorists.”

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