The ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict ignited again on Sunday, when a video released on social media showed an Israeli bulldozer dragging the dead body of a Palestinian they said was trying to plant an explosive next to a fence at the Gaza border.
The video also shows a number of men being shot in the legs by Israeli forces as they were trying to retrieve the bodies of two others who were killed.
The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel called for an investigation into the bulldozer event claiming the desecration of a body killed in a conflict can be considered a war crime based on international laws.
According to international law, this is a violation of human rights. The Geneva Conventions states the parties of an armed conflict must bury the deceased in an honorable way, “if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged and that their graves are respected, properly maintained, and marked in such a way that they can always be recognized.”
In response to the bulldozer desecration, Palestinian forces launched some 20 rockets from Gaza into Israel, causing no reported injuries or damage according to the Israeli government.
In turn, Israel responded by bombing Gaza, and launching missile attacks into Syria killing some six people.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened that if more rockets were launched into Israel, “I’m talking about a war.”
Netanyahu Plan: Little Room for Palestinians
In violation of international law, last Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a plan to construct over 6,000 houses in East Jerusalem, which was captured and occupied by the Israelis during 1967’s Arab-Israeli “Six-Day War.”
Peace Now, an Israeli group seeking fairer treatment of Palestinians, pointed to the construction plan as “state suicide” that would end any hope for a two-state solution.
Last Friday, France and Germany spoke out against Mr. Netanyahu’s lifting of construction limits. The French Foreign Ministry released the statement: “The expansion of these two settlements directly undermines the viability of a future Palestinian state, as the European Union has reiterated on several occasions,” and added, “All forms of settlement activity are illegal under international law.”
TRENDPOST: The timing of Mr. Netanyahu’s announcement comes less than two weeks before a national election in which he is making strong efforts to consolidate his conservative base. Since last November, he is under the pressure of criminal indictment on charges of fraud and bribery and has twice failed in previous elections to put together a winning coalition.
 As Gerald Celente has long stated, regardless of nation or leader, “When all else fails, they take you to war.”

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