As we reported in our 23 February article, “ISRAEL: NO VACCINE, NO GREEN PASSPORT”: 
The Israeli government announced the requirement for citizens to get a Green Passport if they want to shop, go to gyms, theaters, hotels, sporting/music events, etc. The only way to get the passport is to get two COVID Jabs or provide medical proof of having recovered from the virus… or else you’re banned.
Continuing its government assault on the freedom of its citizens, Israel’s national legislature, the Knesset, approved a new restriction. As reported by The Jerusalem Post last Wednesday,
“All Israelis returning from abroad can be required to wear an electronic bracelet to ensure that they isolate at home, or be quarantined in a hotel, according to a bill approved by the Knesset.”
This latest restriction comes despite new data showing the number of Israelis with significant health issues as a result of the coronavirus dropped to under 600, the lowest since last December.
The legislation gives the government authority to force those who enter the country from abroad or from specific countries to choose between wearing the monitoring device or be quarantined, except for children under 14 and other special humanitarian cases.
Those who were inoculated or who recovered abroad can be released from the quarantine if they undergo a serological test to prove their level of antibodies.
Electronic devices have already been in use for several weeks voluntarily to ensure people do not break the quarantine.
According to the bill, the operation is carried out by private companies on behalf of the ministry. The information collected is stored in servers owned by the government but maintained by the companies. It is said the info will be deleted at the end of the period if there is no report of infraction or no longer than 30 days.
The private companies involved will inform the authorities if the person appears to leave their house.
TRENDPOST: As we have reported, 87 percent of the COVID death rate in Israel are people aged 65 or older, yet Israel, a world leader in vaccinating its citizens, is imposing some of the strictest regulations. 
On Sunday, it was reported that schools can ban teachers who refuse to get vaccinated or, if not jabbed, must submit to a coronavirus test when going to work. 
The Jerusalem Post reported Judge Meirav Kleiman stated in the decision that the court does not believe:
“The applicant’s apparent rights outweigh the respondent’s right and duty to care for the welfare of their students, educational staff and students’ parents – and in our opinion, the balance of convenience clearly leans, at this time, to the side of the respondent who believes in the safety of all who come through its gates – working and non-working – children and adults.”
We maintain our forecast for strong anti-vax political movements in nations across the globe. Among the candidates in Israel’s Knesset election today is Aryeh Avni, an anti-vax physician heading the Rapeh (“Heal”) party.

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