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The Trends Journal has long been reporting Israel’s escalating aggression against Syria and Iran. And now, with more bombs away over Syria last week, they are reportedly testing the limits and extents of what the Biden administration will accept.
Earlier this month, we ran the article, “ISRAEL TARGETS IRANIAN OIL SHIPMENTS TO SYRIA,” which detailed Tel Aviv using various forms of weaponry, including mines, to impede the shipment of Iranian oil to Syria in an effort to hurt their economies. The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel targeted at least a dozen of these tankers.
Last week, a Syrian military source told The Jerusalem Post that air defenses in Damascus responded to an airstrike from Israel near the capital city. They believed the attack occurred after there were reports of cargo shipments of weaponry between Iran and Syria, the report said. Syrian air defenses were successful in preventing any substantial damage.
Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in an interview earlier this month that his country stands ready to act alone if Iran continues to accelerate its nuclear program and is updating its plans to strike Tehran’s nuclear facilities.
TREND FORECAST: Israel will ramp up tensions with Syria and Iran and there will be no substantive peace measures taken with the Palestinians. The Israeli “settlement” trend of annexing Palestinian land will continue, and the Biden administration will maintain America’s unconditional support for Israel. 
How far and how fast tensions in the area escalate will also be determined today as Israelis go to the polls in their fourth election in two years. There has been a political stalemate since December 2018 when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated the first election. 
Since November 2019, Netanyahu has been under the pressure of a criminal indictment on charges of fraud and bribery, and he has twice failed in previous elections to put together a winning coalition.
It is suggested that Netanyahu’s priority is to retain his position as prime minister since there is a legal loophole he can jump through that allows an indicted prime minister to remain in office. And, once in office, he would introduce legislation to stop his trial from moving forward.

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