The Iraqi riots that broke out last month, in a nation bombed into ruin by the George W. Bush War which killed over a million citizens and destroyed its economic and social infrastructure, continues.  

With no future and infuriated with government corruption, unemployment, and deteriorating public services, thousands continue taking to the streets. 

Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured by police. 

The demonstrations have now extended throughout the country.  

Last Tuesday, in the city of Karbala, men wearing masks opened fire on protesters killing at least 18. The gunmen were suspected security force members.

Protesters also directed anger at Iran, which has had a growing influence on the Iraqi government since the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein. 

In response to protest signs with a photo of Iran’s religious leader, Ali Khamenei, the Ayatollah issued a statement accusing foreign countries of manipulating the protest movement.  

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement calling on the Iraqi government to “listen to the legitimate demands made by the Iraqi people who have taken to the streets to have their voices heard.”

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: That the western media would quote such a statement from a Secretary of State, whose country is entirely responsible for the mass murder, destruction of Iraq, and the suffering of the Iraqi people on a war based on outright lies, exemplifies how propaganda is sold by the Presstitutes.

“Listen to the legitimate demands made by the Iraqi people who have taken to the streets to have their voices heard?”

Just like Obama listened to the “legitimate demands” of the Libyan and Syrian people and launched his murderous, destructive wars that killed hundreds of thousands and bombed their nations into ruin? 

Why aren’t the western media and their governments listening to the “legitimate demands” of the Iranian and Venezuelan people? 

They are not calling for the overthrow of their governments against whom the United States has launched economic warfare, and have made their already financially-distressed lives much worse? 

TREND FORECAST: As previously stated in the Trends Journal, the movements spreading across the globe are leaderless.

In most of the uprisings, the majority of demonstrators are young. Under the conditions they are currently living, their future is bleak. 

Unlike the Vietnam War protests in the U.S., which were largely youth driven because of the draft, these 21st century movements are reactions to low wages/rising cost of living/poverty, government control/corruption, and the loss of freedom. 

That these movements are leaderless is in large part representative of the “Techno-Tribalism” trend forecast by Gerald Celente in 1996 – using the Internet to connect “tribes” of people who share similar belief systems.  

With the rapid evolution of the Internet and our new social media world, like minds can directly connect and communicate in a fashion unimaginable just a decade earlier. 

It is no longer about a political party or a charismatic leader.

It is an essential element of “Direct Democracy: The Global Game Changer.”

Last Friday, France conducted airstrikes in parts of northeastern Iraq. Their reasoning for illegally bombing the sovereign nation was to wipe out ISIS tunnels.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As forecast by Gerald Celente in a 1993 Trends Journal, western countries overthrow, invasion, and destruction of Middle East nations would become “Crusades 2000”… a revival of the previous Crusades using different reasons for launching illegal, murderous wars.

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