On 4 October, Microsoft said that Iranian hackers had made more than 2,700 attempts to hack email accounts of U.S. government officials and journalists.

The report by Microsoft says the hacking took place shortly after the Trump administration put additional sanctions on Iran.

When looking more closely at the report, however, no names were offered as to whom the Iranians hacked and evidence of email infiltration only could be confirmed in four cases, none of which involved a presidential campaign.

What’s not in dispute is that the U.S. has directed cyber attacks against Iran on a number of occasions.

TREND FORECAST: A major feature of the 2020 Presidential Reality Show will be the over-dramatization of Russia, Iran, China… down to the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru hacking their way into influencing who will be elected. 

It should be noted that after three years of Russiagate media blitz and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, the United States intelligence agencies could not provide one shred of hard evidence to prove their accusation that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee. 

Yet, the “hate Russia” campaign was extremely effective since the media continues to blame them for the hacking, and the general public has swallowed the propaganda.

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