Man Pulling Away From Vaccination

Most Americans—even the ones who previously scrambled, or submitted out of pressure, to take a COVID jab—are now saying no to the shots.

In an unprecedented war that has been waged for nearly three years over the controversial treatments, it’s now clear which side has won.

Those who stood for freedom of their own medical decisions have won.

This past week, Pfizer admitted that a huge majority of Americans—some 80 percent—have rejected taking the latest COVID booster shot.

As a result, the big pharmaceutical company, which has been found legally guilty multiple times over the years for problems related to its products, has downgraded forecast earnings.

But does the demise of COVID mRNA treatments spell the end of a catastrophic chapter in modern medical history?

Not quite. At the same time Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was announcing the Pfizer numbers, Bill Gates was promoting a new initiative to expand pushing mRNA “vaccine” technologies on Africans.

By the Numbers, COVID Booster Are Now a Financial Disaster

Bourla said this past week that Pfizer now anticipates 2023 revenues of $58 to $61 billion, down from prior estimates of $67 to $70 billion, as reported by CNBC. (“Pfizer slashes full-year earnings and revenue guidance as Covid treatment, vaccine sales slump,” 14 Oct 2023.)

That hit could comprise nearly 20 percent of its overall earnings.

CNBC attributed the decline in Americans wanting the vax as at least partially due to the supposed protection of earlier COVID treatments:

“The rollout of Pfizer’s latest Covid booster has been rocky, and prior vaccination and infection has made cases milder than before for many people.”

In fact, COVID shots have proved to be only temporarily effective (thus the push for people to receive frequent boosters).

People who avoided taking the vax, and who contracted and beat COVID without the treatments, have enjoyed longer-lasting protection from subsequent severe COVID incidents.

And needless to say, they avoided the widely reported, sometimes very serious side effects of the shots.

Pfizer said that its Covid products were the only reason it reduced its sales estimate.

The effect has meant an even larger loss for profits on its stock, which are now estimated to be $1.45 to $1.65 per share, in contrast to previous estimates of $3.25 to $3.45 per share.

In addition, other non-mRNA COVID treatments peddled by the company are also doing poorly. For example, sales of Paxlovid are expected to be $7 billion lower than previously estimated.

Gates Still Pushing and Profiting From Controversial Gene-Level mRNA Treatments

Americans may be over COVID and its notorious mRNA treatments, but Bill Gates isn’t.

Gates is again plumbing the depths, by peddling mRNA treatments to developing regions, primarily Africa.

People in many parts of Africa have less access to information via ready internet connections, to gain awareness concerning the controversies surrounding mRNA medical technologies.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is putting 40 million into a wide-ranging mRNA push.

It envisions the technology to be used for “vaccine treatments” of infectious diseases including tuberculosis, malaria, and Lassa fever, among other maladies.

But many see mRNA technology as a highly problematic and dangerous gene-level medical treatment that can cause devastating reactions in the human body. 

COVID vaccines, for example, have been decisively linked to myocarditis, a kind of heart inflammation, especially in teens and young adult males who were near zero risk of serious effects from the COVID virus itself.

Moderna, another mRNA COVID treatment company, has called the technology a genetic “software” for programming human genetics. (See: “HUMANS SUBJECT TO mRNA ‘SOFTWARE UPDATES’,” 30 Mar 2021.)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said in a statement concerning the new initiative:

“Putting innovative mRNA technology in the hands of researchers and manufacturers in Africa and around the world will help ensure more people benefit from next-generation vaccines,” said Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, Nigeria’s coordinating minister of health and social welfare and a global expert on vaccines. “This collaboration is an encouraging step that will increase access to critical health technologies and help African countries develop vaccines that meet the needs of their people.”  

Late Breaking: NY Appeals Court Ruling Deals Another Blow to Forced Vaccines

A ruling late last week in New York, one of the most abusive COVID lockdown and mRNA jab mandate states, marks another milestone in the rejection of the vaccines and the government dictates surrounding them.

As reported by, the Supreme Court Appellate Division, Fourth Department, dismissed an appeal by the state to overturn a January ruling that struck down the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. (“‘Victory!’ New York State Supreme Court Upholds Ruling That Struck Down COVID Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers.”)

That means the mandate has been legally made invalid—and hopefully means those workers who were coerced and pressured by the mandate to take the vax, and who subsequently have experienced mRNA treatment-related maladies, will have even stronger standing to sue.

Attorney for plaintiffs in the case, Sujata Gibson, commented: 

“The appeal is dismissed, the mandate is over and Judge [Gerard J.] Neri’s decision stands. This was an important victory. While it does not make healthcare workers whole, it does protect us from future overreach by the executive branch.”

This latest legal development follows news from early October that the U.S. Defense Department reached an agreement to settle two lawsuits, Colonel Financial Management Officer, et al. v. Austin and U.S. Navy SEALs 1-26 v. Biden, which questioned the validity of the military-wide vaccine mandate. The settlement agreement was submitted on October 3, as reported by (“Military Agrees To Pay $1.8 Million To Settle Lawsuits From COVID Vaccine Mandate”) 

The suits represented plaintiffs from all branches of the military.

After President Joe Biden ordered that all U.S. servicemen and other members of the executive branch receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the Navy SEAL plaintiffs filed their complaint in October 2021.

TRENDPOST: Long-time Trends Journal readers know that Gerald Celente in this magazine was the first in the world to call out COVID-19 world panic for being overblown and likely to lead to a disastrous over-reaction:

Our cover from 28 January 2020 says it all: “CORONAVIRUS: 106 DEAD IN CHINA, 1.4 BILLION STILL ALIVE.”

That proved more than true. The Trends Journal also predicted lockdowns would be catastrophic in real-time as they were being implemented, bucking the trend of almost every other news source and opinion.

We told the truth about the poor record of masking in stopping viral spread, and rightly ridiculed absurd COVID dictates regarding social distancing, school closures, COVID lethality for virtually any average healthy person under the age of 65, and more.

And we did it at a time when espousing or arguing these facts and data meant we were labeled as dangerous purveyors of “misinformation,” and cast as pariahs.

Gerald Celente’s rallies in Kingston sounded public clarion calls against the oppressive government and media narratives and attempts at censorship.

We also were highly skeptical from the first concerning mRNA so-called vaccines being developed at “warp speed” under the Trump administration, then mandated under the Biden Administration and many states and even private companies, for various groups.

We ran a COVID Fast Facts section throughout 2021, cataloging reports of serious mRNA side effects direct from the only reporting system the CDC officially keeps, though the agency has identified its own reporting system as flawed and inaccurate.

The latest news in the COVID War is yet more vindication that The Trends Journal was unflinching in delivering truth to our readers—something that can’t be said for most other news organizations or government authorities, period.

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