Border Patrol agents on the U.S.-Mexican border recorded their busiest month since 2006 involving illegal border crossings, according to a report in last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.
The agency said agents caught 54,771 migrants trying to enter the country illegally and immediately expelled 48,327 of them. Despite the high number in September, the number of migrants caught at the border fell by more than half in 2020, to about 400,000, the report said. Border agents apprehended 851,508 in 2019, according to its website.
The Washington Post reported the agency recorded a record low number of unauthorized crossings at the border in April, following President Trump’s directive to expel migrants without the normal immigration proceedings due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan reportedly praised the Trump administration for reducing the number of children and families at the border.
“This administration has been overwhelmingly successful at shutting down many of the loopholes being exploited, which Congress has refused to address again and again,” Morgan said, according to CNN. “Make no mistake: We’re in a better position right now because of this administration’s immigration policies and initiatives.”
TREND FORECAST: As the “Greatest Depression” worsens and poverty, crime, corruption, and violence rises, with people losing everything and having nothing left to lose, they will be leaving their homeland for safe-haven nations.

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